Laboratory Solvent Extraction and Stripping Units

Laboratory Solvent Extraction and Stripping Units

grinding-flotation-solventLaboratory Solvent Extraction and Stripping Units Evaluate Process Prior to Commercial Size Installation

The Laboratory Solvent Extraction and Stripping Units provide a completely visual control of the solvent extraction process. There is great flexibility in regulating speed of agitators, recirculation of the organic phase or aqueous phase. The system provides counter-current flow. No pumps are needed. With controlled rates of feeding in the organic and aqueous phases the unit is self-operating. This results in a versatile unit, ideal for research, educational and process improvement purposes.

Dimensions of 2′-10¾” x 3’3¾” x 2′ 8″ high include the motors and power-stat which regulates the agitator speed. The unit is mounted in a compact structural frame which protects the plastic tank during shipment.

Capacity depends on the specific problem. Units are of acid-proof construction and are available for both the extraction and stripping circuits. They are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 stage units. Mixer compartments have a retention volume of 2 gallons and the settlers have a settling area of 1 1/8 sq. ft., while the last stage settler has an area of 2 sq. ft. Capacity of the unit ranges up to 1 g.p.m. flow of aqueous.