Laboratory Test Paper and Test Tubes

Laboratory Test Paper and Test Tubes

gold test

GOLD TEST NEEDLES—Nine needles containing on their points gold of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 carats fine, numbered and fastened to a ring.

TOUCHSTONE—For use with No. 60700 needles.


test papers


TEST PAPER, Litmus, Blue—In books of 25 strips.

TEST PAPER,  Litmus,   Red—In  books of 25 strips.


TEST PAPER, Litmus, Blue, Squibb—In vials containing 100 strips.

TEST PAPER, Litmus, Red, Squibb—In vials containing 100 strips.


TEST PAPER, Litmus, Blue—In  sheets, 8×10.

TEST PAPER, Litmus, Red—In  sheets, 8×10.

TEST PAPER, Turmeric—In sheets, 8×10 inches.


test tubes

The Test Tubes following are automatic-machine-made from automatic-machine-made tubing. The method of manufacture produces a test tube of even wall thickness throughout, with lip uniform in shape and width, and with minimum variation in the outside diameter. All tubes are carefully annealed after forming, to remove strains induced during the process of manufacture, insuring consistently strong and sturdy tubes. The standard tubes are produced from the highest quality flint glass, the Pyrex tubes from Pyrex Glass tubing.

TEST TUBES, Chemical—With rim. Well annealed. Machine made from medium wall lead free glass, insuring uniformity in size and maximum freedom from fracture under proper handling.

TEST TUBES, Pyrex Glass—Light wall. With rim.

TEST TUBES, Ignition, Pyrex Glass-Heavy wall. Without rim.

TEST TUBES, Graduated, Exax Blue Line-With rim.


TEST TUBE RACK For 10 tubes. Of wood, holes 7/8 inch, all in one row, and with 10 draining pins.

TEST TUBE RACK For 13 tubes. Of wood, with two tiers of holes, the lower tier having 6 holes 1 inch in diameter and the upper tier 7 holes ¾ inch in diameter, with draining pins opposite lower tier only.

TEST TUBE RACK For 25 tubes. Of wood, with two tiers of holes, the lower tier having 12 holes 1 inch in diameter and the upper tier 13 holes 13/16 inches in diameter; with draining pins oppo­site lower tier only.


TAP E-RULE, Steel, “The Aristocrat”—A small, practical six foot pocket measure in 1 5/8 inch diameter Stainless Steel case with embossed design in black enamel. The steel line is gradu­ated on one side only in consecutive inches and 16ths. It has the flexible and rigid features, can be projected unsupported like a rule to walls or into openings, and will also flex around and accurately measure circles, etc. The blade is manually withdrawn and returned.


TAPE, Steel, Metric and English—50 foot and 15 meters. High-grade and of exceptionally strong construction, with steel case covered with “Auto Leather.” Flush folding handle opening by pressing button on opposite side. Metal trimmings are nickel plated. Three-eighths inch tape, marked feet, inches and eighths on one side. Weight 12 oz.

TAPE Spring, in nickel case. Steel tape, 3 feet long, ¼ inch wide; inches and centimeters.

TAPE, Linen, English and Metric—Case of genuine russet leather, hand stitched with metal liner, and heavy brass folding handle. Durable tape, ½ inch wide, corded with pure unbleached linen. Length, 50 feet, graduated one side in centimeters and other side in feet and inches.