Rare GOLD Minerals

Rare GOLD Minerals

This list of ores classified as natural and rare gold minerals are refractory to process. All these are sulphides refractory gold bearing minerals and will have a poor response behaviour to usual cyanidation extraction methods, and for the little guy, best used for exhibit or sold to rock collectors on eBay.

 Native Gold  Au Formula
 Muthmannite Very Rare Crystal.  Yellow white, opaque; Perfect Cleavage. Mohs 2.5-3.5; SG 7.5-8
Dana number: 442
 Montbrayite  Rare telluride, and it contains ~ 50 wt% Au  (Au,Sb)2Te3
 Petzite Petzite  Ag3AuTe2
 Rhodite  Naturally occurring alloy of gold and rhodium with an SG of 15.5 – 16.8  AuRh
 Iridic Gold Natural alloy of gold and iridium containing 62% gold, 30% iridium, 4% platinum, and 2% silver.  AuIr
 Electrum electrum

Hardness: 2.5-3 and Density: 12.5-15.5

 Cuproauride (Tetra-auricupride) Cuproauride_(Tetra-auricupride)  AuCu
 Porpezite (palladium) PorpeziteNatural gold alloy containing 5-10 wt % Pd  Au,Pb
 Bismuthian Gold  White  AuBi
 Fishchesserite FishchesseriteOpaque, Pale pink in reflected light, Metallic luster  Ag3AuSe2
Aurostibite (antimonides) Aurostibite  AuSb2
 Uytenbogaardtite Uytenbogaardtite  Ag3AuSb2
 Gold Tellurate  Deadly Rare. UFO Rare Au(HTeO4)3
 Kostovite Kostovite  AuCute4
 Nagyagite Nagyagite  Pb5Au(TeSb)4S5-8
 Syvanite  Sylvanite  AuAgTe4
 Krennerite Krennerite_001  AuAgTe2
 Calaverite (gold telluride) calaverite  AuTe2
 Rozhkovite RozhkovitaPalladian variety of Auricupride  (Cu,Pb)3Au2
 Maldonite Maldonite_rock

SG 15.5 with Hardness of 1.5-2

 Auricupride Auricupride  AuCu3
 Amalgan  Also very rare  Au2Hg3(x)