List Responsibilities of Concentrator Operating Crew

List Responsibilities of Concentrator Operating Crew

In the different concentration plants of the mining industry, job descriptions change, responsibilities fluctuate, positions are phased in and out. However there is one position whose relationship to the crew doesn’t change, and that is the foreman.
Some where there is a boss, and he must be considered part of the operating crew. It has been recognized that he, unlike an operator, has a responsibility to both the company and to the employees.

Mining companies has for responsibility the guiding of the operation of the concentrator in a manner that will give the greatest production at the least cost, at the same time guiding his crew safely and effectively.
To the crew he is a mediator, authority figure, and a problem solver. He will also set guide lines that will benefit the crews operating skills and efficiency.
Much of the crews’ efficiency will be dependent upon how well the operators understand and handle their responsibilities. For clarification I have broken them down to the following categories:

  1. Working within the guidelines set down by the supervisor.
  2. Doing circuit checks.
  3. Monitoring the equipment.
  4. Maintaining operating supplies at the proper level.
  5. Working with and aiding other personnel.
  6. Maintaining good housekeeping standards.


Concentrator Operating Crew
Concentrator Operator Responsibilities

Let’s look at the first one, working within the guide lines as set down by the supervisor. Simply put, follow instructions.
The next one is, doing circuit checks. The question is what is a circuit?  A circuit is the path that the ore takes as it is processed. It is usually expressed on paper by what is known as a flow-sheet.