Marcy Scale

Marcy Scale

Determine the solid content of a mixture a fix volume of slurry is poured into the sample container, this sample volume is fixed because the container is filled until the slurry is even with or over flows through the opening on its side.

Marcy Scale

The container is then hang on the scale and the weight of the mixture can then be read from the outer ring on the graduated scale, each inner ring on the scale gives the percent solids of the mixture for a given specific gravity, in this case the specific gravity of the solid is 3.4, knowing this we select the appropriate ring and read that the percent solids for this sample is 74%.


Calibrating the Marcy Pulp Density Scale

Allow the scale to hang freely from its support ring.


  1. Fill the container with exactly 1000cc of clear water.
  2. The slotted holes located near the top of each container are designed to initially retain slightly more than 1000 cc.
  3. Using a file, carefully enlarge the bottom of the slotted holes until water begins to leak out. The container should now retain exactly 1000 cc.
  4. Hang the container full of water on the scale hook.
  5. Turn the zero adjustment screw located directly above the scale hook until the scale pointer is vertical, reading 1.000 on the dial outer ring.

The Marcy scale is now calibrated.

INTERCHANGEABLE DIAL FACES:  Each scale includes 12 interchangeable dial faces with a specific range of dry solids from 1.2 through 7.8. A permanently attached # 1 dial on each scale has the following specific gravity range of dry solids.


Use Marcy Scales to obtain the Following direct readings:replacement_density_cup

  • Weight of sample in grams Or kilograms
  • Specific gravity of liquid or Pulp
  • Percent solids contained in The pulp of any given specific Gravity
  • Specific gravity of dry solids

Marcy direct reading pulp density and Specific gravity scale speeds up the Determination of pulp densities; specific Gravities of pulps or liquid; specific Gravity of dry solids. It eliminates errors In reading charts or graphs and prevents Errors in calculations.

Each new Marcy scale comes 12 Interchangeable dial faces

  • 254mm Outside diameter of Scale
  • Weight ± 4.5Kg
  • Shipping dimensions: ± 310 x 320 x 100mm
  • Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Polyurethane flasks Available
An alternative to the Marcy density scales