Mine Shaft Cage

Mine Shaft Cage

Mine Cages are designed from experience acquired by building hundreds of cages in various sizes and types. These cages are built with highest quality material and precision workmanship.

As shaft dimensions vary, Mine Cages can only be built on order. When asking for quotations or ordering cages or chairs, list the dimensions of your shaft as indicated by the diagram. For cages, give all dimensions, A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D, and E-E. For chairs, all dimensions are also necessary. Specify: load to be carried; whether or not safety doors are required in accordance with local mining laws; whether or not cages are to be equipped with Automatic Landing Chairs, (see CHAIRS); whether cage is to be built with single or double deck.

Types of cages listed in the accompanying table are the small sizes. The difference between the three cages listed under the heading “Types” is in the weight of the material used in their construction to allow for greater weight loads.

The Standard Cage may be furnished without safety doors for use when handling ore cars and car stops are provided if specified. When safety doors are required they can be furnished of either solid or perforated steel plate. Safety catches are provided with spring operated cams.

The cage illustrated in the top photograph is equipped with rollers so that the cage may be used in an inclined shaft if desired. This unit is equipped with perforated safety doors and also with landing chairs. The lower photograph shows a two-deck Mine Cage. The Standard Cage is also available with a self-dumping skip mounted beneath the cage.
An illustration of a Mine Cage equipped with Automatic Landing Chairs and Safety Doors is shown under the item CHAIRS.

A well qualified engineering and fabricating force is at your disposal for the design of cages to fulfill the requirements of your special installation. Customer should furnish data as outlined above.

Mine Cage

Special Cages

Automatic Landing Chair

Automatic Landing Chairs are the latest in design and the mechanisms are extremely simple with nothing to be adjusted or to get out of order. The chairs are set with a lever and are automatically released when the cage is raised. All parts are of solid forgings of ample strength. The dogs bear on the top of the wall plates in the shaft so that no fitting is required, although striking plates can be used to advantage. These Automatic Landing Chairs have a weight of approximately 200 pounds.

Chairs can be built to fit your specifications. When ordering or requesting quotations, use the diagram under “CAGES,” giving all dimensions.

In mine work, it is very essential to use new reliable material, not cheap reconditioned equipment made to sell at a price. To experienced mine operators we need not stress the value of equipment in which their utmost confidence can be placed. The reputation of the Equipment Company is the customers’ best insurance against shoddy workmanship and inferior materials which often cause costly repairs and hazardous working conditions.

Automatic Landing Chair