colombia-peruDaniel Urresti, Peru’s High Commissioner for Formalization of Mining, stated that they have partnered with Colombia to fight illegal gold mining in their countries.

The government of Peru is very firm about the new law as illegal mining have imposed harms on the environment and public health. They have started the illegal mining ban last  April 19. Government authorities, together with policemen and military troops, have destroyed several heavy equipment worth US$20 million. Backhoes, dump trucks, large mining dredges, boats and rafts, excavators, and wheel loaders, were all confiscated as these were widely used for illegal operations on mining sites.

In 2012, about 63% of the mining operations in Colombia were illegal. These mines do not have any license to operate and do not follow all the mining regulations. Mine owners also do not pay for the appropriate taxes. According to reports, some mines were even operated by drug lords and criminal organizations. Thus, Colombia’s partnership with Peru aims to provide solution to the increasing irregularities on the country’s mining operation.