pH Indicators

pH Indicators

The control of pH is recognized as an important factor in successful and profitable flotation milling treatment. Colorimetric pH control is widely used because of its simplicity which allows its use without technical training. The only requirement is that the operator be able to match colors, making it possible for the average worker to obtain accurate results.

The No. 605-H pH Indicator is enclosed in a durable, corrosion-resistant housing. Compartments for all parts; color disc, two square tubes, a pipette, and a bottle of indicator reagent, are provided. Glass color plates are standard and are non-fading.

The Block-L, Utility-L, and Roulette-L pH Indicators are simple, compact units for a wide range of standard pH readings. The Roulette-L Indicator is equipped with artificial daylight reading for day or night operation.

For recommendations as to equipment for a specific problem, give range of pH values to be determined and nature and characteristics of material. Let us recommend the unit best suited to your particular problem.

ph Indicator

Block L pHModel H No.

Alkacid pH Indicator

Alkacid Indicator provides a quick, simple method of measuring pH of liquids within a range of pH 2 to pH 10 with an accuracy of ±1 pH. The indicator consists of a spool of ¼ inch test paper enclosed in a transparent plastic cover 2½ inches in diameter. Mounted on the cover is a color chart showing the five distinct color changes that the paper undergoes at the various pH ranges. The unit is supplied, filled with one 15 ft. roll of test paper.

Alkacid Indicator

Electric pH Indicator

The Electric (Hydrogen Ion) pH Indicator with glass electrodes, provides a quick and accurate method of determining and controlling acidity or alkalinity. Accurate pH determination can be made with ease on practically all substances, regardless of color, suspended solids, colloids, oxidizing or reducing agents.

The pH readings by these units are positive and extremely accurate due to their being true readings of the hydrogen ion content of the solutions being tested. Readings are more accurate than by color comparison. Units are equipped with reference electrodes of the saturated potassium chloride-calomel type, and rugged factory sealed glass electrodes. The accuracy of these indicators is unaffected by vibration or electro-static disturbances and a built-in temperature compensator automatically adjusts for a wide range of temperature variations. Indicators consist of the electrode system and a compact case which houses the registering devices and instruments.

Definite recommendations can be made as to the equipment required for your specific problem of circuit alkalinity control. Not only is it possible to make pH measurements on laboratory samples, but models are also available for continuous pH measurement and recording.

Model R pH Indicator

Model G pH IndicatorModel

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