Platinum Anodes and Cathodes Wire


For best results, we recommend the use of the anodes and cathodes listed here.

The paddle form anode is recommended where considerable agitation is required.

The loop anode is made of No. 16 platinum iridium wire insuring the rigidity required for suc­cessful rotation at high speed.

When making copper and lead determinations simultaneously, the gauze anode is recom­mended, as it offers a larger surface for deposition.

The cathode is made of 52-mesh wire gauze 1 3/8 inches diameter. Cathodes of smaller diameter are impractical. The gauze cathode has been found superior to the perforated type as it allows freer circulation.

ANODE, Platinum—Paddle form, 4½ inches long, paddle blade 1 3/8 inches by 3/8 inches, stem No. 16 platinum iridium wire welded to paddle blade. Weight, approximately, 4 grams.

ANODE, Platinum Wire—Loop form, made of No. 16 platinum iridium wire, 4½ inches long, loop 1½ inches by  3/8 inches, approximate weight, 4½ grams.

ANODE, Platinum Gauze—Made of 52 mesh wire gauze 2 inches high by ½ inch diameter, with stem made of No. 16 platinum wire measuring 4½ inches over all. Weight, approximately, 8 grams.

CATHODE, Platinum Gauze—Made of 52 mesh wire gauze, 2 inches high by 1 3/8 inches diameter, with stem of No. 18 platinum wire, measuring 7 inches over all. Weight, approximately, 10 grams.


MOTOR GENERATOR SET- For use when alternating current only is available. Will deliver 2¾ amperes of direct current at 110 volts. Complete with rheostat.