Polyurethane Screen Panels

Polyurethane Screen Panels

Deflector Polyurethane Screen PanelDeflectors

Helps redirect material toward middle of panels

Best suited for conventional lower open area screen panels


Cutter Polyurethane Screen PanelCutter Panel

Small surface humps situated slot against flow for static flume applications

  • Particularly effective for dewatering and heavy media recovery.
  • Small angled surface humps direct water down and into the apertures – slot against flow.
  • Superior impact resistant capabilities.
  • 30mm thick, 12″ x 12″, with either 4-pin or 4-snap fastening options.
  • Slots are 1mm x 304mm.
  • Available in standard or low durometer polyurethane.
Herringbone-Screen-PanelHerringboneEffective for static sieve applications where heavy media recovery is critical

  • Openings in 1mm x 22mm and 3mm x 21mm
  • Increases the effectiveness of drain rates
  • Offered only in polyurethane

Restricted Flow Polyurethane ScreenRestricted Flow

Effective in fine sizing applications

Controls material flow rates
Intensifies dewatering and washing effect
Breaks up lumping

Skid Bar Screen PanelSkid Bars

Keep oversize material off the screen panel surface and reduces wear

One-piece construction
Rubber and polyurethane configurations

SVR Polyurethane Screen PanelSVR

Elongated material alternative to standard VR design

50 different configurations and opening sizes
Ideal for applications where elongated material does not cause specific problems

SSP Static Polyurethane Screen Panel VR Polyurethane Screen Panel Solid Polyurethane Screen Panel

SSP (Static Screen Panel)

Molded with ridges to intensify dewatering

  • Ideal for smaller materials, such as sand and fines
  • Opening sizes from 0.25 mm x 9 mm up to 1.2 mm x 14.5 mm


Innovative zigzag design minimizes material entrapment or pegging

“Spring-like” vibrating action rejects over-size material
135 different configurations and opening sizes


Well suited for high impact and heavy wear

Typically installed at feed end of screen
Can also be used on discharge end as discharge lip

Slotted Polyurethane Screen Panel


For draining liquid or where elongated material is acceptable

Openings from 0.1mm x 9mm up to 178mm x 216mm
150 different opening size options
“With flow” or “against flow” slot directions

Continuos Slot Polyurethane Screen PanelDams

Used in wet applications to slow material and increase washing effect

  • One-piece panels with 1-, 2-, or 3-inch dams
  • Larger dams available for custom applications


Square Screen Panel


The most common opening style.

Openings from 1mm to 200mm
250 different size designs

Round Hole Polyurethane Screen Panel


Highly effective in primary scalping operations

Openings from 60mm to 230mm
13 different opening sizes

Continuous SlotContinuous Slot

Most commonly used in coal industry

  • Six different slot widths from 0.5mm to 2.5mm
  • Increased wear life over stainless-steel profile wire
  • Offered only in polyurethane
    Continuous Slot

Surface Configurations

With our injection molding process, special surface features, such as dams, skid bars, and deflectors, are part of the original panel construction-not a laminated add-on-for greater strength and longer life.



VST-Vector Slot Polyurethane Screen Panel


Vector Slot Technology – slots at 45 degree angles enable the efficient recovery of heavy media

The VST’s unique design with slots at 45 degree angles creates speed vectors in the Z axis of a vibrating screen. This, along with ridges molded into the surface reduces racing, the tendency of particles or slurry streams to ride or race unhindered across the top of the screen panel.

  • Lower tendency to plug
  • Available in .65mm and 1mm slotted openings with a .85mm version coming soon.

Polyurethane Screen Panels


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