Prospecting Kits, Plates and Platinum Tools

Prospecting Kits, Plates and Platinum Tools


PLATE, Color, Porcelain—Glazed with exception of bottom surface. Length, 109 mm. ; width, 89 mm, ; thickness 12 mm. ; number of depressions, 12 ; diameter of depressions, 20 mm. ; depth of depressions, 7.5 mm.

PLATE, Porous—Dinner plate shape. For drying precipitates and crystals.

PLATE, Streak, Porcelain—Unglazed. Used by mineralogists and for arsenic tests.


Platinum Ware

PLATINUM ANODES AND CATHODES, Nos. 27314-27317—For electrolytic separations in analysis. Paddle, loop and gauze type anodes and gauze type cathodes.

PLATINUM CRUCIBLE—Hammered, with or without covers. Platinum crucibles with covers ; weigh approximately as many grams as they hold milli-liters. Covers are always furnished with crucibles unless otherwise ordered.

PLATINUM DISH—With or without lips, hammered. Dishes with lips will always be sent unless otherwise ordered. Dishes weigh approximately 1/3 as many grams as their capacity in ml. Sizes and shapes other than those given below, lighter or heavier or with wired rims, will be made to order.


PLATINUM WIRE—Always order by length.


PLIERS—With a long tapering nose that reaches into places almost inaccessible. The jaws are checked at the tip to insure a firm hold. Length 6 inches.

PLIERS—With slightly curved jaws. The points are 1/16 inch wide, for holding silver beads. Length 5 inches.

PLIERS—For general utility. They embody a side cutter, two button cutters, burner grip, nut wrench, screw-driver and reamer. Square nosed. Length 6 inches.

PLIERS—For general use. Embody adjustable jaws, powerful shear cutters, pipe grip and screw­driver handle. Length, 6½ inches.

prospecting outfit

PROSPECTING KIT Pritchard—With the Pritchard Chemical Process approximate assays can be made for gold, silver, copper and lead, without knowledge of chemistry. It is especially recommended for prospectors and small mine owners, being simple and easily operated.

Chemicals—Chemicals sufficient for one hundred and fifty assays are furnished with each outfit.

Button Balance—Simply constructed and accurate, and is sensitive to one one-hundredth of a milligram. The balance is enclosed in a neat case with transparent celluloid face to keep out any moving air when weighing. The pulp scale has a bearing which sets in the end of the case as shown in the cut.

Book of Instructions—A book of Instructions is furnished with each set, plainly explaining every detail of the processes. With this book you will need no assistance from anyone. Shipment must be made by express or freight on account of the acids and also some of the chemi­cals that carry poison labels. Packed in a strong convenient carrying case about 24×10½x15½ inches, weight about 20 pounds.


PROTRACTOR AND GONIOMETER COMBINED—Consists of a graduated semicircle printed on a heavy card, in combination with an arm of transparent celluloid, swiveled by means of an eyelet at the center of the semi-circle. A fine index line, scratched on the under side of the cellu­loid arm parallel to its edges, indicates by its position with reference to the graduation the angle which the arm makes with the base-line of the card. Can be used in connection with a T square if desired. In stout manila envelope.

pumpPUMP, Acid, Pneumatic, Thompson—A perfected device for the safe and easy handling of acids and other liquids contained in carboys, barrels, and steel drums. The bulb is squeezed, forcing air into container through the valves; this in turn forces the liquid out through the lead pipe which reaches to the bottom of the container. To stop the flow, the relief valve is pressed upward, which permits the air to escape. The lead overflow pipe has no connection with the valve body, and when withdrawn no acid remains in it. It also serves as a gauge, showing the amount of acid left in the container. The capacity of the pump is approximately 2 gallons per minute, which, however, can be increased by squeezing the bulb more rapidly. When used in drums Adapter No. 54811 is required to fit the larger opening. When not in use, pump can hung on bracket.

Rubber Adapter, only.

PUMP,   Air, Vacuum or Pressure—Cylinder is steel, nickel plated, 16 inches long by 2 1/8 inches diameter. Complete with inlet and outlet valves and hose connections.