Pyrometallurgy Research Articles & Papers

  1. Recent Improvements in the Kumera Steam Dryer
  2. Refining Testwork on Crude Magnesium Produced in the Mintek Thermal Magnesium Process
  3. Research in Pyrometallurgy at the University of Pretoria, 1980-2005
  4. SA Calcium Carbide
  5. Silicon processing from quartz to crystalline silicon solar cells
  6. Some considerations on future developments in ferro-alloy furnaces
  7. Some myths about DC arc furnaces
  8. Spinel Removal from PGM Smelting Furnaces
  9. Sulphuric Acid Manufacture
  10. The Beneficial Effects of Feeding Dry Copper Concentrate to Smelting Furnaces and Development of the Dryers
  11. The distribution of metallic elements in granulated nickel converter matte phases
  12. The dual-electrode DC arc furnace – modelling insights
  13. The history and development of the pyrometallurgical processes at Evraz Highveld Steel & Vanadium
  14. The ROMA project (Resource Optimization and Recovery in the Material Industry) – a typical cooperation project in Norway
  15. The smelting operations of Anglo American’s platinum business an update
  16. The thermophysical properties of raw materials for ferromanganese production
  17. Thermal conductivity of solidified manganese bearing slags – a preliminary investigation
  18. Transformation of the Palabora Copper Smelter from a Captive Smelter to a Toll-Custom Smelter
  19. Xstrata Alloys in Profile
  20. Zimbabwe Alloys The First Fifty Years of Operation, Challenges, and Opportunities
  21. A Glimpse of Pyrometallurgy at Wits University
  22. A Review of Undergraduate Teaching and Postgraduate Research in Pyrometallurgy at the University of Stellenbosch
  23. Added Value Long Steel Products produced at MSSA Newcastle Works
  24. An overview of PGM Smelting in Zimbabwe – Zimplats Operations
  25. An Overview of the History and Current Operational Facilities of Samancor Chrome
  26. An overview of the Namakwa Sands Ilmenite Smelting Operations
  27. An Overview of the Zincor Process
  28. Application potential of SMS DC smelter technology for the pyrometallurgical industry in South Africa
  29. Auburn Furnace Services
  30. Bindura Nickel Corporation Smelter Operations
  31. Bindura Nickel Smelter – from decommissioning, care and maintenance, to plant re-start
  32. Blast furnace control using slag viscosities and liquidus temperatures with phase equilibria calculations
  33. Characterisation of SO2 in off-gas at Zimplats smelter
  34. Chromite – A cost effective refractory raw material for refractories in various metallurgical applications
  35. Co-generation A challenge for furnace off-gas cleaning systems
  36. Common-Sense Improvements to Electric Smelting at Impala Platinum
  37. Cracking a hard nut An overview of Lonmin’s operations directed at smelting of UG2-rich concentrate blends
  38. DC arc smelting of silicon- Is it technically feasible
  39. Ferrochrome smelting and smelting capacity investment in Zimbabwe
  40. Hatch Developments in Furnace Design in Conjunction with Smelting Plants in Africa
  41. Heavy Mineral Processing at Richards Bay Minerals
  42. Ilmenite Smelting at Ticor SA
  43. Implementation of an alternative matte-level measurement solution at Lonmin Marikana Smelter Division for improved process monitoring
  44. Influence of slag composition on reduction control and operations of the slag-cleaning furnace at KCM, Zambia
  45. Innovative and Safe Copper Launder Design
  46. Interaction of MgO-MgR2O4 (R Al, Cr, Fe) refractories with SO2-containing gases
  47. ISACONVERT – Continuous Converting of Nickel PGM mattes Kyoto Carbon Credits
  48. Laboratory Investigations of the Electrical Resistivity of Cokes and Smelting Charge for Optimizing Operation in Large Ferrochrome Furnaces
  49. Metallurgy From Above – A Google Earth Perspective
  50. Metix – company profile
  51. Mineralogical solutions for pyrometallurgical problems
  52. Mintek Thermal Magnesium Process (MTMP) Theoretical and Operational Aspects
  53. Mortimer Smelter Operations Description
  54. New Opportunities – Exhaustive Monitored Copper Coolers for Submerged Arc Furnaces
  55. Passion for Metals
  56. Phasing out Reverberatory Furnace Operations at KCM Nkana
  57. Pneumatic Injection of Solids into Pyrometallurgical Processes Past, Present, and Future
  58. Practices and Design for Extending the Hearth life in the Mittal Steel Company Blast Furnaces
  59. Process Description and Abbreviated History of Anglo Platinum’s Waterval Smelter
  60. Process Description and Short History of Polokwane Smelter
  61. Pyrometallurgical Research at SINTEF and NTNU in Norway
  62. Pyrometallurgy at Mintek Recent Improvements at the BCL Smelter
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