Slurry Stream Sample Cutter Dimensions for Grinding Circuit Survey

Slurry Stream Sample Cutter Dimensions for Grinding Circuit Survey

A good grinding circuit survey (and flotation circuit sampling) is only as good as the sample cutter used for each slurry stream.  Correct sampler volume and opening size insures your sample is representative of the concentrator stream you are testing.  Here is a good suggested design with opening dimensions.  You need to add the handle that matches your sample point location.

slurry sample cutter


slurry cutter design

sample-cutters pulp and slurry hand sampler

Examples of In-Stream Slurry sampling and Sample Cutter:

continious plant sampler cutters in-stream on-stream sampler Tools for Slurry Sampling

Thief Sampler
Thief Sampler: Hand tool that facilitates timely decision- sample portions of the pulp in different parts of a production process.


Manual tool that facilitates the timely sampling at different levels of a tank and / or container without affecting the physical and chemical characteristics of the sample .
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As opposed to the Outotec ultra expensive in-stream samplers show above, a Thief Sampler is the best budget alternative. It allows for the collection of samples in pump boxes, tanks and conditioners for samples such as:

  •  Final Tails
  •  Cu Ro Conditioner
  •  Primary Cyclone Overflow
  •  Pb/Pre-Flotation Tailing

The other streams would be best sampled/taken using a sampler as shown on the right but with a mouth wider than the diameter of the pipe it is sampling.


ideal_size_and_dimensions_of_sample_cutter fabricate_a_slurry_sampler