SO2 Manufacturing Process – Sulfur Burning Plant

SO2 Manufacturing Process – Sulfur Burning Plant

The SO2 Manufacturing Process is “simple”, all you need is a sulfur burning plant. The flowsheet represent what you need for a sulfur burning system to produce SO2.  The manufacturing of 1 metric tonne per day of SO2 requires a sulfur-burning SO2 plant capable of smoking-up around 46 lb/hr (21 kg/hr) of sulfur to produce 92 lb/hr (42 kg/hr, or ~1 MT/D) of SO2 (Gas at 15%)

Sulfur Melter and Supply System

Sulfur is supplied to the sulfur burner from a submerged gear pump located in the sulfur melter.  The submerged pumps provide accuracy, reliability and ease of maintenance.  Steam jacketed mechanical seals, which are prone to failure, are eliminated by submerging the pumps in molten sulfur.  Dual pumps are provided in order to minimize down time during sulfur pump maintenance. See the SO2 Plant Block Diagram.

A sulfur supply system includes a highly accurate mass flow meter for measuring the sulfur to the burner plant.  A customized temperature interlock in the mass flow transmitter reduces failures due to operating the system with frozen sulfur in the meter.  A steam and condensate system is utilized to supply the necessary tracing circuits for all the sulfur supply piping and the sulfur tank.


Sulfur Melter and Supply System

Air Supply System

For this application we’ll proposes to use a rotary lobe blower.   In addition to the main air blower, the necessary piping and manual vent valve are also included.


Air Supply System

SO2 Gas Generator System

This SO2 gas generator system is designed for easy and reliable operation.  This important is designing and building SO2 and SO3 gas genera­tors which results in a system that minimizes maintenance requirements.

Using an “atomizing type” sulfur burner in order to achieve uniform combustion of the sulfur.  “Trickle type” sulfur burners tend to allow the sulfur to pool and burn, which results in non-uniform combustion of sulfur in the sulfur burner.

The atomizing type sulfur burner is also easier to start than trickle type burners.  A small flow of combustion air is heated by an inline ignition air heater which immediately ignites the sulfur at the tip of the spray nozzle.  The atomizing type sulfur burner does not require preheating of the sulfur burner refractory lining.

The air and metered sul­fur are delivered to the refractory-lined atomizing sulfur burner (see Figure) where combustion with additional process air generates sulfur dioxide (SO2).  The sulfur dioxide gas leaving the burner is cooled in a direct contact primary and secondary gas coolers.


Sulfur Burning SO2 Gas Generator in Sulfur Burning Plant


SO2 Gas Coolers of Sulfur Burning Plant.