troy ounces per ton and grams per 1000 kilos tyler standard laboratory screens typical distribution double zinc cyanide in terms of kcn value of caustic potash as an electrolyte value of caustic soda as an electrolyte value of sulphuric acid as an electrolyte value of lime as an electrolyte visible heat volume and weight of fine gold and silver volume and weights of fine metal volume conversion factors water pressure equivalents water gauges pressure and pounds per square inch weight of sheet lead weir measurement wet grinding tube mill what is the weight of steel grinding balls zinc box merrill crowe clean up chart zinc box taverner method refining zinc briqutting flux bullion furnace zinc precipitate clean up charts zinc shaving precipitation results with strong solution 4 day treatment leaching absolute viscosity of water absorption of gase by water analysis of zinc box white precipitate approximate pressure at various altitude approximate theoretical horse power to raise water approximate tonnage capacity of circular solution tanks per foot of depth approximate weight of casating from patterns assay valuation average capacity of blake type rock breaker average capacity of dodge type rock breaker average capacity of grinding pans average capacity of huntingdon mills average capacity of krupp ball mills average capacity of symons disc crusher average grade for straight launders average mechanical efficiencies of pumping systems avoirdupois pounds in decimals of a ton belt and bucket elevation of ore belting for belt elevators boiling point of water at various pressures bullion assay balance weights capacity of air lifts in mill and cyanide plant work capacity of frenier pumps capacity of leaching vats capacity of slime settlers or thickeners ccd in dorr tanks circular and angular space common fraction and decimal equivalents comparison of conical and cylindrical tube mill operation construction details for steel vats not over 16 feet deep convenyance of ore pulp and solution conversion factors for imperial to metric measures conversion factors for imperial to metric weights conversion factors metric to imperial measures conversion factors crushing law crushing roll data cubic feet and approximate fluid tons cubic feet per minute and fluid tons per 24 hours cyanide process chemical equations cyanide process chemical equations dansity variation in clay compounds as a decimal equivalents of fractions of an inch degree baume and specific gravities for liquid lighter than water degree baume and specific gravities density of dilute sulphuric acid diameter and revolution of tube mills effect of hest on mixture of clay and feldspar efficent operation of rolls equation representing cyanide testing reactions equation representing cyanide testing reactions equivalent weigts in common use experimental extraction and probable recovery in practice experimenting and testing fluidity of clay suspension foreign weight systems glavanised corrugated iron glavanised plain iron gold and silver extraction flowchart gold extraction by dry crushing and leaching gold silver refining process gold stamp milling circuit grade of amalgamating tables grains in decimals of a penny weight grothe system girault system hardinge mill data horse power for single stage centrifugal pumps horse power equivalent and killowats inches in decimals of a foot international atomic weights killowats and equivalent horse power limiting speed of tailing wheel mensuration mercury consumption merrill crowe process zinc dust precipitate clean up charts merrill crowe zinc box clean up charts mettalurgical extraction and recovery minerals with gold and silver in combination with other elements mohr's scale of hardness oxidising agents pence and fractions in decimals of a shilling penny weights in decimals of an ounces (troy) penny weights per ton and grams per 1000 kilos percentage as lb per ton pounds per second and tons per 24 hours pounds per minute and tons per 24 hours precious metals data and assay valutions precious metals data and assay valutions continued pressure for air lifting water and slime pulp rate of dissolution of zinc in bisulphate solutions rate of dissolution of zinc in sulphuric acid relative sizes of stone and trommel perforation roll crusher capacity sizing chart roll crusher capacity table roll spacing with equivalnet screen data sale of gold bullion in london screening and wire sizes separation of refractory concentrate sizes and capacities of ingot moulds sizes and weights of stamp mill parts sizes of grizzlies sizes running horse power speed and charges for ball mills