Five of the world’s worst mining disasters

Benxihu Colliery Explosion

Every miner knows the risks it takes to work in such an industry. However, nothing can prepare someone for accidents like the ones we are about to show you. Here is a list with five of the deadliest mining accidents in the world. 1. Explosion at Benxihu Colliery With a history marked by violence and … Read more

Australian company uses big data to prevent mining accidents

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A Western Australia-based company is showing that the integration of big data in a mining or construction project might help reduce accidents. At least, that’s the goal of a new tech initiative, boosted by Justin Strharsky and his firm Synaptor. The company is using incident logs and other reports generated on large mining and construction sites … Read more

15 Insane mining accidents

Coal mine explosion Yuzhou China mod

From overturned trucks to huge fires, as well as crushed vehicles… Here’s a collection of some really mind boggling accidents that have occurred in the mining industry. Do you have the best gold mining equipment?  1. Dumper corner navigation fail Wrong turn, mate… And now what? 2.  Just how did he loose a gear? Looks … Read more