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Miner’s Inch Conversion

A Miner’s Inch is a measure for flow of water, and is the quantity of water that will flow in one minute through an opening one inch square in a plank 2 inches thick under a head of 6.5 inches to the center of the orifice. This is equivalent, approximately to 1.2 cubic feet, or 9 gallons per minute. This measure is not the same for all states, as some use a different head.

To determine the area of a required pipe, the volume and velocity of water being given, multiply the number of cubic feet of water by 144 and divide the product by the velocity in feet per minute.miner's inch conversionMiner’s inch.- Western placer miners usually measure and think of water in terms of miner’s inches. In California and Montana, as established by law, 40 miner’s inches equals 1 cubic foot per second; in Colorado the legal ratio is 38.4 to 1. Forty miner’s inches to the cubic foot per second is generally accepted throughout the West; this value of the miner’s inch is used in this paper. A miner’s inch as used here equals 11.22 gallons per ….Read more

Slope of Flotation Slurry Launders for Froth Flow

Launders should have high enough velocities to prevent particles from settling, or if they fall to the bottom, to keep them rolling and sliding. The depth of water should not be much over the diameter of the largest rolling particles. For concentrates and heavy gangues slopes should be increased 25—100%.

SPRAY WATER IN LAUNDERS:—While it is claimed that the quantity of water flowing with ore in a launder does not definitely follow Kutters formula, etc., the following data for the flow of water in a rectangular wooden launder will assist in calculating quantities of ore and water. Actual quantities in mill launders is probably between 50% and 75% of the quantities given below.



Launder Slopes.—In the absence of specific data, the launder slopes given in Table 37 should be used in laying out a flotation plant.

Minimum Advisable Launder Slopes

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