Flotation Handbook

Calculate the Capacity of an Agitator & Conditioner

Example 1) It is desired to give 48 hours of contact on 100 tons per 24 hours of 2.7 specific gravity ore in a pulp of 40% solids (1:1.5). What size agitators will be needed? Total volume equals 59.85 –> from our Pulp Density tables. Tons feed equal 100. 59.85 time 100 equals 5,985 cu. ft. (total … Read more

Froth Flotation Handbook

What is Flotation Flotation, as the term is applied to ore concentration, means the separation of one of the constituents of an ore from the remainder by causing it to float at or above the surface of a pulp consisting of the finely pulverized ore and water. Minerals that float Minerals that float have a … Read more

Pulp Formulas & Metallurgical Formulas

Definitions. “Pulp,” in flotation terminology, is a freely-flowing mixture of powdered ore and water. “Pulp density,” when the phrase is applied properly, indicates the specific gravity of the pulp. “Percentage of solids” means the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of the weight of the solids in a pulp to the total weight of pulp. “Pulp consistency” is the ratio, … Read more