How to Operate a Merrill Crowe Precipitation Process

Efficient Merrill Crowe precipitation of gold and silver is dependent upon the proper control of certain physical and chemical properties of the solution. The most important of these properties are listed below: SUSPENDED SOLIDS, such as ore slime and precipitates of calcium carbonate, with hydrates of aluminum, magnesium and iron, present in the pregnant solution … Read more

Rotary Kiln Alignment

Read a great how-to guides on Rotary Kiln Alignment and Alignment of Rotary Kilns as well as this full instruction video.

Rotary Kiln Lining

The lining of the rotary kiln is of the utmost importance, and great care should not only be exercised in selecting the class of brick, but to see that it is well fitted in the kiln in order that success may be achieved. Fortunately, manufacturers are closely studying the question, and are now producing an … Read more

Assay Furnace

Your assay furnace is THE MARKETPLACE of G O L D It is where buyer and seller meet; the whole of mining comes to a focus at the assay furnace. Efficiency demands the most dependable and modern equipment. ASSAY FURNACES Are your best guarantee of thoroughly reliable results. Temperatures and atmospheric conditions within the muffle are subject to … Read more

Used Inductotherm Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

Induction Melting Furnace ELECTRIC CONTROLS

For Sale is a UNUSED 125 kW Inductotherm VIP Power-Trak Induction Furnace – Full System for Metal – Gold – Silver – Melting – Casting – Atomization. This melting furnace has been positioned onto a custom heavy-duty multipurpose melt deck but never commissioned or even connected to electrical or cooling supply. Model: VIP 125 kW Power-Trak from Inductotherm Complete Top-of-the-Line Induction … Read more

MSA Fire Assay Furnace For Sale

cheap Fire Assay Furnace e1441226803119

For Sale is a MAS Series Industrial Fire Assay Furnace – Cupellation Assay Furnace, Fusion, Globar Elements The Mine Assay MAS-series fire assay furnace (formerly known as “Williams & Wilson”) is well known in the mining industry all across North America, as well as in other locations worldwide. Solid construction, durable features, and dependable, continuous operation have … Read more

Monster Patch for KK-8 Melting Furnace Kiln

We offer another product for repairing the liner after a serious spill. Monster Patch is made up of alumina silicate fibers in a thick, moldable, super sticky base that can be applied up to ½” thick at a time. Monster Patch is a bit difficult to work with, however the material can be thinned with … Read more

KK-8 Kiln Furnace Liner Maintenance

KK 8 Liner Maintenance

Three products are supplied with the KK-8 for optimizing and extending the life of the kiln liner: Liner Restore, Armor Coat and Spill Stop. All three products must be kept from freezing, or they will become unstable and unusable. Restored Kiln Sections Liner Restore is an alumina silicate based viscous material that is designed for … Read more

How to Fire-Start KK-8 | Initial Firing & Break-in Proceduce

As previously mentioned in the introduction, the insulation comprising the lining of the kiln is composed of a micro-fiber alumina silicate refractory material. Under a microscope, these fibers resemble quartz crystals and, when heated to the temperatures the kiln operates at, a portion of these fibers fuse together. When the fibers fuse together, some of … Read more

Starting OR Firing the Small KK-8 Propane Furnace Kiln

Propane Melting Furnace

Step 1.  Place the kiln on a sturdy, level, fireproof surface. A minimum of 2’ x 3’ is necessary for the kiln, burner and pyrometer. The kiln is a modular design and comprised of three pieces; the base, the body and the lid. The body and lid are removable together or separately and allow for … Read more