The 5 most colourful minerals on Earth [infographic]


Did you ever look at a painting and wondered where the artist got that specific shade? Well, the answer is probably in the mineral world. If you want to colour your day, take five minutes to learn more about the five most colourful minerals on the planet. From the valuable diamond to the abundant quartz, … Read more

Yamana Gold’s Cerro Moro Mine by Numbers [infographic]


Despite the fact that the mining industry is living dark times, especially due to the downfall of gold’s price, the company Yamana Gold is definitely developing its Cerro Moro gold and silver project. The deposit, located in the southern Argentine province of Santa Cruz, will move forward thanks to an initial investment of $450 million. … Read more

7 Dangerous Minerals

Not all minerals are used to make jewelry or included in the latest technological devices. Some of these substances  and minerals are just dangerous, really dangerous. So much they can even kill you. However, this is unlikely to happen unless an external action like heating or grinding happens, provoking an extreme reaction. Nevertheless, because your … Read more

Gold: the ultimate store of value [infographic]

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Gold has been going through a tough time with the downfall of its price, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. Actually, gold is still the commodity that helps us define the value of things, despite the fact that it is extremely rare. Did you know that? Maybe not… And there are probably a … Read more

5 More elements your lifestyle depends on


Our current lifestyle is extremely technological and advanced when compared to what it was just 10 years ago. However, all the modern devices that make our days more interesting are based on the most natural resources, substances you can find “inside” the Earth. Today we bring you five more elements that changed your lifestyle by … Read more

Galilee Basin mega mine by the numbers [infographic]

INFOGRAM Gallaie Basin Megamine final

The Indian-Australian consortium GVK-Hancock recently received the approval of the Australian government to move forward with its ambitious project: the Kevin’s Corner mine, located in the Galilee Basin. The development of the project is expected to start in 2015 with the first coal being produced in 2018. But, despite the economical advantages of the mine and the approval … Read more

Tia Maria Copper Mine

CopperMine 03

The Tia Maria copper mine, a project that is being developed near Arequipa, in Peru, might currently be one of the industry’s most expensive and ambitious projects, but that didn’t stop the protesters from showing their dissatisfaction in the last years. The project has been halted since 2011, but there’s a light at the end of … Read more

Signatories of the Minamata Convention [infographic]

MinamataSignatories 03

A document that means “the beginning of the end of mercury as a threat to human health and the environment”. These were the words chosen by the executive director of the UN Environment Programme, Achim Steiner, to describe the Minamata Convention, recently signed by more than 90 countries. These nations vowed to ban several mercury products until 2020 and are planning the … Read more