The 5 most colourful minerals on Earth [infographic]


Did you ever look at a painting and wondered where the artist got that specific shade? Well, the answer is probably in the mineral world. If you want to colour your day, take five minutes to learn more about the five most colourful minerals on the planet. From the valuable diamond to the abundant quartz, … Read more

7 Dangerous Minerals

Not all minerals are used to make jewelry or included in the latest technological devices. Some of these substances  and minerals are just dangerous, really dangerous. So much they can even kill you. However, this is unlikely to happen unless an external action like heating or grinding happens, provoking an extreme reaction. Nevertheless, because your … Read more

5 minerals with unusual names

5Minerals 01

Mining is not only about underground pits, heavy work and complex extraction processes. Sometimes, mining can be fun and this infographic proves it. So, take a few minutes to discover five minerals with crazy names and you will see how mining can sometimes help you relax. These five funny “rocks” can be found in different parts … Read more

Five minerals with super strange names

Goosecreekite Heulandite Ca Quartz 198049

Because mining can also be fun, here are five minerals and rocks with rather strange names. We wonder where the inspiration for these names came from… 1. Goosecreekite No, this mineral wasn’t discovered by a goose, but at  the New Goose Creek Quarry, in Virginia, United States. Goosecrekite is part of the zeolite group, typically used in water … Read more