Recycling Sand from Foundry Casting Molds

The flowsheet shown in this study is particularly adapted to the requirements of the average foundry to reclaim foundry sand for re-use. Any foundry whose new sand delivered costs is too high should seriously consider reclamation with the flowsheet as illustrated. This reclaimed sand is usually equal to, or better than the original sand. Foundry … Read more

Flotation Deinking Paper Recycling De-Inking Waste Paper

The pulping consisted of disintegration of the wastepaper structure and dispersion of the fibers. The disintegration was accomplished by conditioning 250 grams of wastepaper, under moderate agitation, with hot steam (84 to 90 ┬░C), de-ionized water and reagent as desired. After disintegration the pulp was further dispersed in a high speed blender. All pulping experiments … Read more