Gold Sluice Box Design

sluice designer

The gold sluice box is an efficient alternative to panning for gold, allowing the prospector to quickly sift through a much greater volume of sediment. Although many affordable varieties are available to purchase, they are even more affordable to build. With a little knowledge, skill, and creativity, a prospector can build a custom sluice box from … Read more

Gold Hog Sluice Mat Review

Gold Hog Sluice Mats

Looking for Gold Hog Matting Reviews I went on a large gold prospector forum and asked the question: What is so special about those Gold Hog Sluice Mats? Here below are all the many answers and comments I received. ———- Hi.It is hard too explain.but many years and testing go into these mats.You should watch the You … Read more

How to SIZE a Sluice Box

How to Build a Sluice Box

This week I went and asked “how to SIZE a sluice box” to the crew on a large gold prospector forum and other sluice or gravity gold recovery ‘experts’ and gathered the list of emails and forum posts here below.  As you will see, in summary, most can optimize or troubleshoot a sluice box but … Read more