Telsmith Crusher

Telsmith Crusher

Underground at an elevation of between ten and eleven thousand feet – the Shenandoah Dives Mining Company of Silverton, Colo., has a 16-A Telsmith Gyratory Breaker Shop No. 1251, shipped Oct. 7, 1929.

In spite of its steady diet of ore all these years. Telsmith is still crunching it down with unabated appetite. But that was what Charles A. Chase, General  Manager, expected of a Telsmith-continuous service and complete satisfaction.

He knows his Telsmith Crushers. Away back in 1913 he purchased his first one  a 6-E Breaker Shop No. 303 for the Liberty Bell Mining Co. of Telluride Colo.

Telsmith dependability met a severe test in 1932. Silverton was snowbound and without transportation or supplies for three months. That was no time for a crusher breakdown. But Telsmith kept right on  24 hours a day, day-in-and-day-out.

The high-speed streamlined Telsmith Crusher of today is equally reliable, but capacity is 25 per cent greater. Write for Bulletin C-1.

telsmith crusher