Troubleshooting Hydrocyclones

Troubleshooting Hydrocyclones

Here is a simple Table for Troubleshooting Hydrocyclones.


troubleshooting hydrocyclones

Other Hydrocyclone Troubleshooting Tips:

Underflow is too wet
Apex is too large
Vacuum control valve is open too far
Inlet pressure is too low
Pump is cavitating

Underflow is too dry (cone is plugging)
Apex is too small.
Vacuum control valve is closed too far.
Percent solids is too high.

Too many fines in the underflow
Close the vacuum control valve slightly.
Install a smaller apex.
No coarse material in the feed.

Underflow is too coarse
Open the vacuum control valve slightly.
Install a larger apex.
No fine material in the feed.

Example of a Roping Hydrocyclone: