TRIPOD and Troughs

TRIPOD and Troughs


TRIPOD, Iron—Japanned cast iron ring 1¾ inches inside diameter by 3 inches outside diameter, mounted on steel legs. Height, 8 inches.

TRIPOD, Concentric Ring, Iron—Japanned cast iron concentric rings, with 5/16 inch diameter by 9 inches high removable copper plated steel legs.


TROUGH, Pneumatic, Improved Form—Shaped for “nesting” and stacking. Made of heavy, galvanized iron, with reinforced wire edges, overflow tube, attached legs, and a removable sliding shelf, perforated to facilitate the collection of gas samples in inverted gas bottles. Complete with shelf.

Connecting Glass

TUBE, Connecting Glass—T-shape. With plain ends.

TUBE, Connecting Glass—Y-shape. With plain ends.

TUMBLER—Of heavy glass with lip