Visit mines around the world from home with

Visit mines around the world from home with


If there’s a website able to please people who are fascinated about the mining field it’s probably This webpage allows you to visit several mines around the globe from the comfort of your sofa.

With Mining Atlas you can discover more about several mines and industry projects, whether you are looking for gold, silver, platinum, copper, nickel, zinc, coal, iron ore, diamonds or potash deposits. The available data “includes production, resources, ownership, capex, opex, status and much more”, explains the website.

Make the most of your time by exploring the globe in 3D, searching the website’s complete database and discovering several new projects.

Besides, suggests you weekly 3D presentations. Currently, for instance, the website is featuring the massive landslide at Bingham Canyon copper mine, owned by Rio Tinto, with a special presentation that shows you how and where the landslide took place in three dimensions.

Bingham Canyon experienced the largest non-volcanic landslide in the North-American history back in April, when the wall of the massive open pit gave way. Mining Examiner “visited” the place and this is what we saw. One of the images (in this case, in 2D) presented by the website shows you how the pit looked after the massive landslide event.


This is also a great way to show how technology can currently help mining companies and workers. By predicting the landslide and avoiding major consequences, Bingham Canyon protected its employees and saved money.

This is only one of the options that has to offer to its visitors: if you like mining, you can have a blast checking many other mines across the world.