What Can an XRF Analyze

What Can an XRF Analyze

No sure what a portable XRF can analyze, do, detect, assay and read?  Here is the list of the the Olympus Innov-X Systems Delta can do.

A Delta Premium can do everything if you have the right calibrations loaded onto it.

Attached is a Delta Product Descriptions that will act like a menu of sorts. Scrolling down will show you what calibrations are available for certain Delta platforms.

Portable XRF Models

For example, if you were interested in doing soil sampling in low and high concentrations, and by this I mean low single digit ppm’s and percentage you could have a “soil calibration” or ppm calibration.

If you wanted the % then you could have the “mining calibration” if both were needed you could have both mining and soil or the new mode which is called Geochem calibration that looks at detection from ppm-%.

Keep in mind that an SDD detector is required to see anything below Ti on the periodic table.

What a Portable XRF Analize