Crushing & Screening

Sieve Analysis Calculations and Graph

The experiments described in this paper were undertaken primarily for the purpose of measuring the quality of work done in screening and sorting in American concentrating-mills for Prof. Richards’ work on Ore-Dressing. For this purpose a series of samples of screened and sorted products was obtained from four different mills, and a plan was devised … Read more

Silver Lead Ore Processing by Roll Crushing & Jigging

The following brief paper is intended, to apply to the concentration of the silver-lead ores at Broken Hill, New South Wales, generally, but more particularly to the process as applied to the ores in the Block 10 mine. The attached plans are similar in many respects to those prepared recently for the Block 10 Company. … Read more

Stone Crushers

Methods of Crushing Stone without a Crusher Up to the date of the invention of the Stone Crusher, stone for road-metal was broken by hand, with the aid of a hammer having a long, pliant handle, and a round, ball-like head, illustrative drawings of which may still be found in standard dictionaries of engineering. Crushing … Read more

Cushioned Crushing Roll

Every millman engaged in the operations incident to the handling of crushing-rolls knows that in ordinary practice, when fine product is desired, the ore-materials delivered to the machine, divided into four sizes, may be estimated, approximately, as follows : This estimate refers more particularly to the requirements of medium-sized rolls and fine crushing. But, depending … Read more

Stamp Mill Performance Diagrams

The object of the present paper is to call attention briefly to a novel method of analyzing the action of the ordinary gravity stamp, which has not only thrown much light upon the exact motion of the stamp-head, but promises also to be of value in determining the efficiency of a new mill before setting … Read more

Steam Stamp Milling with Amalgamation

The use of steam-stamps in the crushing of ore for the purpose of amalgamation has been very limited, and little has been written on the subject. As the writer has been operating a mill of this kind during the past year, it is possible that he may be able to present a few points in … Read more

Fine Rock Crushing with Jaw Crushers

The introduction of a new machine for fine crushing, or The Blake multiple-jaw crusher, which, in combination with the ordinary Blake breaker, could be used in the reduction of ores or any hard and brittle substance to almost any degree of fineness.  How can you use a jaw crusher to crush fine enough to feed … Read more