Gravity Concentration

Floating Gold Wash Plant

Figure 125, A and B shows typical arrangements using floating gold washing and gold-saving plants (“boats”). Figure 125, C, is a plan of an operation where the gravel is first dug by a power shovel and is then picked up by a dredge equipped with a light bucket line. Where floating plants can be employed, … Read more

Dredging Safety

In the 1940’s, we visited hydraulic and dredge mining operations in Alaska and California. He also reviewed 10 yr of accident data pertinent to such mining in the United States. The data, covering the period 1933 to 1942, included those related to 36 fatalities and 3,700 injuries in dredge mining. It is generally assumed that … Read more

Spiral Separators VS Concentrating Tables

Concentrating Table As far as the efficiency of the concentrating table is concerned, it has been established that a table can clean coals of 9.5mm x 0.075mm(3/8″ x 200mesh) with high efficiencies and low probable errors. It is, however, important to notice that the particle size of coal treated on a table has a significant … Read more

Fine Coal Cleaning Centrifugal Washing

The most common method used for cleaning the fine fraction in today’s coal preparation plants is froth flotation. Past research and practice has found that froth flotation achieves excellent separation efficiencies for fine coals having only a small fraction of middling particles. However, its efficiency decreases sharply as the concentration of middling particles increases due … Read more

Medium Circuit Design and Control for Multi-Density Dense Medium Separation Plants

The two-density separation by dense medium cyclones was generally performed using two dense medium plants in sequence. In contrast to the former technology, the multi-density separation can now be performed by using a single medium circuit composed of different interconnected medium sumps. The sumps, one for each density, are fed with different medium streams selected … Read more

Recover Silver by Gravity Concentration

In some cases, silver will recover very well by gravity. In laboratory testing, two kilograms of plant feed was ground to 80µm F80 and passed through a Falcon concentrator. The Falcon concentrate was panned to upgrade the concentrate and reduce the mass recovery to what is typically achieved by plant operations. A flowsheet and summary … Read more

Concentrateur Gravimétrique

Concentrateur Knelson Cet appareil ameliore la separabilite des particules par gravimetrie en travaillant dans un champ centrifuge (60 fois G) plutot que dans le champ de la pesanteur. II comporte un bol de forme conique inversee muni de rainures dans sa parois interne (pour retenir les particules) et qui tourne a un vitesse tres elevee … Read more

Table a Secousses

Principe de fonctionnement de la Table a Secousses: Lorsqu’un film d’eau coule sur une surface plate inclinee, l’eau pres de la surface est retardee par la friction. La vitesse augmente vers la surface libre de l’eau. Si des particules de minerai sont introduites dans l’eau, les particules plus petites ne se deplacent pas aussi vite … Read more

Double-Deck Gold Shaker Table

The 911MPEGMS-2DST double deck “DUPLEX” gold shaker table is effectively 2 super-imposed 4′ x 8′ decks and processes 2 tons per hour of -200 minus to 4 tons or more of sand size material. This provides you with 64 square feet of tabling area. The same gold recovery area a 12′ X 5′ 4″ table … Read more

Long Sluice Box

This Oscillating gold highbanker sluice box is perfect for fine gold recovery in small operation. With a capability of processing up to 4 TPH, the 911MPE2MS takes high banking to the next level in time and recovery. It is dressed like a highbanker but works as a wash plant / Oscillating  sluicebox hybrid for fine gold … Read more