Pumping & Conveying

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor consists of a spiral blade attached to a shaft which revolves in a horizontal or inclined trough. Material fed into one end of the trough is pushed toward the other end by the rotating spiral. The shaft is mounted on bearings at each end and also in the middle, if the conveyor … Read more

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are used for the elevation of dry or pulped ore. They consist of an endless chain or belt carrying the buckets vertically or at a steep angle. On reaching the top pulley they should turn at sufficient speed to fling their contents out with a measure of centrifugal force. The feed is directed into … Read more

How Pipe Geometry Affects Flow Velocity & Head Loss

Transporting solids in pipelines generally is considered economical in the mining industry as well as in other industries. For example, the procedure has been used successfully in the iron ore slurry pipeline of the Savage River mines and the coal slurry pipeline of the Black Mesa mines. Even under conditions in which this mode of … Read more

High Tension Belt Conveyor Installations

The high tension belt conveyor is introducing a new and tremendously expanded era of low cost bulk material handling. High tension belt conveyors are generally those installations involving very long centers, high lifts, or drops, in which the belts are stressed up to their maximum tension values, and further, where the belt construction provides tension … Read more

High Pressure Mercury Pump

When supplies of high pressure mercury or other liquids are required in analytical work, it is convenient to have the source of supply at a relatively constant pressure and available in sufficient volume to satisfy the requirements of the apparatus in use. Air enters the pump through the inlet port into the valve cylinder passes … Read more

Pipeline Transportation of Phosphate

The pumping of solids in water suspension is an important part of many metallurgical and mining operations. In most cases, it is still in the rule of thumb category for which no universal formula has been developed, and much research is needed. Pumping Florida Pebble Matrix Pumping at the Noralyn mine of International Minerals and … Read more

Control Conveyor Belt Acceleration

The part that acceleration plays in starting a belt conveyor and its effect on belt conveyor design are well understood in a general way. Its practical importance is easily overlooked, however, and under some conditions, it is absolutely necessary to give the problem of acceleration detailed study. Mathematical Analysis In working out the various problems … Read more

Measure Heavy Slurry Density

In the mineral industry measurement of density or specific gravity of slurries is often necessary or highly desirable. To date the most successful method of measuring the specific gravity of various media is to hand weigh a constant volume sample of the slurry. This method is time-consuming, however, and is intermittent rather than continuous. Most … Read more

Deep Well Turbine Pumps

Deep Well turbine pumps receive constantly increasing application to the problem of mining water and other fluids from great depths. Many installations of medium settings are presently operating successfully and it is felt that much greater depths are immediately within reach. Settings and lifts in excess of 2000 feet are not at all out of … Read more

Lock Hopper Slurry Pump

The pumping of abrasive and sometimes corrosive slurries is normally carried out at modest heads (say 100 ft) with specially designed centrifugal pumps. When heads become higher than this, two or more pumps are used in series but ultimately the system requires staged pumps with consequent increase of costs. The only other type of pump … Read more