Pumping & Conveying

Slurry Pumps for the Long Pipelines

Since time immemorial, Mother Nature has been transporting slurries with both air and water serving as the carrier medium. Consider for example the formation of the continental shelves off our coast lines which are being formed by rivers emptying erroded land surface and depositing it into bays and gulfs. As the erosion processes take place, … Read more

Slurry Pipeline Cost Estimation

The transportation of mine products incurs a cost which can have a significant bearing on the competitive position of the manufactured product. Clearly, the engineer who is responsible for selecting a mode of transport must base his decision, at least in large measure, on economic comparisons. And today, the engineer usually finds that he has … Read more

Miller Number – Slurry Rating Index

The development of a new means of measuring the relative abrasivity of a slurry came about by necessity in 1967 during a full scale loop test of a 560 H.P. reciprocating pump handling magnetite slurry. In order to evaluate the life of expendable fluid end parts, the question of the amount of attrition in a … Read more

Continuous Particle Size Analyzer for Metallurgical Slurries

A continuous on-line particle size analysis system for solid/liquid suspensions is described. The basic sensor utilizes a centrifugal principle to separate particles according to size, the resultant separation being measured by means of beta-ray attenuation. Results obtained when analyzing a variety of materials at sizes from 65 mesh (210 microns) to 20 microns are discussed in … Read more

Slurry Pipeline Economics

A technique is presented for the economic selection of a slurry pipeline with the aid of a computer. Mathematical models for the flows of homogeneous slurries are utilized. Only the pipeline and its prime movers are considered. Slurry flow properties are first obtained from rheology and/or pipeline data measurements. A rheological model is then selected … Read more

Concentrate Slurry Pumping System

Exploration on Bougainville for copper by Conzinc Riotinto of Australia (CRA) began in 1963 and by 1968, through geophysical, geochemical and diamond drilling methods, an orehody containing nearly one billion tons of ore grading approximately 0.48% Cu. and some gold had been outlined. Bougainville Copper Ltd., the company operating the mine, is 53.6% owned by … Read more

Slurry Handling

The need to move large tonnages of slurry has grown as mines have become larger. As existing tailing depositories are filled up, new mines developed, or environmental requirements dictate, it becomes necessary to transport tailing particularly over longer distances. There are two basic types of slurry transport systems, packed flow and slack flow. Packed flow … Read more

Selecting Centrifugal Slurry Pump Based

Making a sketch of the pump system, including dimensions, is very helpful in determining the static heads, friction heads, etc. After determining the top size of the solids and solid size distribution by the results of a screen analysis of the material, we can select the materials to be used in the construction of the pump. … Read more

Conveyor Belt Capacity Modelling

Since changing the capacity of operating systems can be very expensive, it is important that mining engineers have accurate capacity design tools. Although many modeling approaches have been proposed in the literature, simulation models are widely regarded as providing the most detailed and flexible design approach. Over the last three decades, a number of discrete-event … Read more