6″ to 10″ Laboratory Disk Mill


This Laboratory Pulverizer is a most commonly known as a Disk Pulverizer that can be used for intermittent and continuous fine grinding of hard-brittle and medium-hard materials in the field of mining and metallurgy, glass industry, ceramics industry. Ideal for preparing samples before assaying then. This will quickly bring your samples to under 150 mesh.china manufacturer

  • Wide range of materials for contamination free grinding;
  • Reproducible results due to accurate gap setting;
  • HMS grinding discs with long working life;
  • No foundation required.



The Laboratory Pulverizer’s capacity dictates if it comes in tabletop or stand-alone design.  The pulverizing disk diameter offered are  6″, 7″ and 10″.

Standard power supply 220 Volts single phase.



The ma­chine has a straight drive without gears, is economical in upkeep expense, and will pulverize efficiently a wide variety of materials.

Operation: The machine is fed through the spout in the door and will take material ¼ mesh and smaller and reduce it all with one grinding to any desired mesh. Quickly adjusted for any fineness by means of the adjusting screw. Permanent adjustment for any desired mesh can be maintained by tightening the lock lever. The adjustment is not altered when opening the machine for cleaning.

Disks: The new design grinding plates are made of a special alloy combining strength and tough­ness, thus assuring wearing quality; and their special design with large and small lugs secure the highest efficiency.

Cleaning: The machine opens in a way so that the operator can always see that all pulp is brushed into the pan. The entire interior of the machine is smooth finished, with all parts accessible for rapid and thorough cleaning with a brush.

lab disk sample grinder

laboratory sample grinders (3)


10″ Disk High Capacity Laboratory Sample Grinder – Pulverizer

disk pulverizer

disk pulverizerdisk pulverizer
disk pulverizer


Tabletop 10″ Disk High Capacity Laboratory Disk Pulverizer

laboratory disk pulverizer

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Laboratory Disk Pulverizer

laboratory disk pulverizerlaboratory disk pulverizer

laboratory disk pulverizer

The grinding chamber comprises one fixed and one rotating 200mm diameter grinding disc turning about a horizontal axis. The internal surfaces of the grinding chamber are smooth faced and easily accessed and cleaned between samples.

The operating capacity of the Disc Pulverizer 911DG200 depends upon the disc gap setting, feed size and the crushing properties of the material being processed.

The Disc Mill 911DG200 can be supplied as an option mounted on a specially built bench complete with dust extraction hood for dust free operation.

  • Primary crushing
  • Pilot plants
  • Use in sampling stations

disk grinding mill

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