Original GEMENI Table

Original GEMENI Table

For sale is the famous Gemeni Table known to generate a bullion grade gold product from low grade concentrates at high recoveries. A unique table design allows for the production of a gold concentrate that can be directly smelted to bullion.


  • Direct, fixed speed feed system
  • Table can be operated in batch or continuous mode
  • No massive foundation required
  • Available for single or three phase power supply
  • Simple operation
  • Adjustable feed rate
  • Deck constructed of hard wearing gel coat with GRP backing.
  • Adjustable “bump stop” to control deck motion amplitude
  • Recessed deck grooves for gold collection
  • Multiple dressing water cock valves for wash water control
  • Central water manifold constructed for resistance to attack by contaminated process water

Shaker Table Operation

The Gemeni Table has been specifically designed for the recovery of fine gold to a directly smeltable concentrate. The direct drive system incorporates a geared motor, driving a crank connected to the table deck. The crank includes a spring connection system to absorb over run. The bump stop system provides a fine tuning mechanism. Table tuning is achieved by adjustment of a single screw.



  • 3 meter constant head tank required.
  • Feed size to be less than 1.2mm
  • Elimination of iron from feed using low intensity magnetic separator is recommended.
  • We reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

gemini shaker table for sale

gemini shaker table

Note: The GT60 is a lab-scale unit, but can also be used to treat small volumes in a production environment. It is advisable to scalp out any tramp iron in the feed prior to treatment, by way of magnetic separation

gemini shaker table

A small constant head tank should be located 3 meters above the table deck. Wash water should be free of suspended solids and organic matter. Fresh water is recommended.


The Gemeni shaking table has been specifically designed for the recovery of fine gold to a directly smeltable concentrate. Several models are available to cater for feed rates from 115 kg/h up to 450 kg/h. A laboratory unit is also available, treating 30kg/h.
The deck grooves are uniquely designed to optimise the collection of gold particles. The machine can be used to treat low grade concentrates
and still achieve high gold recoveries and grades.

When deciding on the appropriate operation of the Gemeni table, the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Machine to be fed at constant feed rate
  • Clean, constant pressure wash water is required for optimal separation
  • The removal of fine iron particles (mill media etc) prior to the table using a READING low intensity magnetic drum separator (LIMS) is recommended

All of the machines are manufactured to strict quality control standards and subject to rigorous testing before shipment.
The high quality materials of construction used in the manufacturing process, the strict quality control standards and ongoing after sales support set these units apart from their competition and will ensure both trouble free operation and optimal separation efficiency achieved in every application.

Shaker Table Installation

Installation requirements are minimal. The Gemeni Table is designed to sit on a standard floor. Electrical connection from motor starter to power supply by client.

Electrical Specifications

Motor and gearbox are selected to suit most locally available power frequency and voltage.

gemeni_skaker_table gemini_gold-skaker_table gemeni_table



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