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Deluxe 6″ Metal – Gold Melting Furnace Kit


A modular mid-sized propane gas kiln. If the mini kiln is too small for your needs and our 8″ gold smelter too large, the 6″ melting furnace, the perfect size.

Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 6″ round by 7″ tall refractory kiln with 3″ diameter x 4″ tall chamber
  • 1 clay crucible stand
  • 1 Salamander A0.5 clay graphite crucible, which can melt up to a kilo of silver
  • 8″ tongs
  • Liner maintenance kit
  • 1 lb kiln silver melting flux
  • 1 lb premium gold flux
  • Graphite combo loaf mold
  • Graphite 2 oz Gold Loaf Mold (1 oz Silver or Copper) – for smaller pours
  • NAC-500 Graphite Mini Crucibles – for smaller pours (remove one of the chamber layers)
  • Jar Liner Restore High-Quality Maintenance Material
  • Instructionsusa manufacturer

Requires 2 x 4000 BTU Torches Bernzomatic TS4000 or equivalent (not included)






I’m going to weigh out about 60 grams of concentrated ore and then I’m going to pour it in a jar because you want to make sure it is mixed really well so I’m going to mix about 60 grams of flux and I’m going to pour our flux into the jar here. Put the lid on and give it a little shake; best way to mix this is just to roll and once it’s, we’ll turn this into our crucible. As you can see I got the furnace lite, we use our crucible and we use our tong and I’ll put this right here because of the crucible and things would look a little bit more impressive. So you got 60 grams of ore and 60 grams of flux. A conical shaped mould here, first thing we get the crucible in and place our mould on the kiln to get hot in there. And I guess I could go ahead and pour this in the crucible. So we got the flux and the concentrate in there. Well I can’t see but it’s about below the half way; still gives it some room to expand. You put some gloves on here and you separate the body and the lid all at once and then I’m going to put the body on and the lid on last; put the crucible in centre it as best as you can so when you put the middle section in there, you centre the middle section and your lid goes on; it’s pretty simple. So here comes the body of the kiln and grab the crucible here and I’m going to centre it into the kiln; put the body of the kiln on, the lid on and there we go. One thing you probably noticed is that the combustion flame coming out of there and once I put the crucible in there all the flames seems to have disappeared; what’s going on is it’s absorbing all of the heat of the combustion. So once everything gets hot in there, when that yellow flame starting coming out from top of it. So we doing great, we got it in there, it’s warming up and I won’t bore you while this goes on it probably going to take about 15-20 minutes before this thing gets hot. So I’ll sign off and then when we get ready to pour one thing I’m always going to do is I’m going to put my mould up on top of it; I’ll just set it up to the side so that flame gets contact with it.

Everything is hot, everything is melted. So let’s see if we can get this stuff out there. First thing I do is I’ll get my mould and I’m going to set it down here and I’m going to separate the kiln from the body and get the crucible and pour it in into that mould, so there we go; we’ll separate the body and reach over here to grab our crucible and pour into our mould. Place the crucible back in the kiln and we reset the kiln back. I always like to put the crucible on top of this mould because when that cools off it cracks and it pops and it spread pieces if flux out. So I put my crucible back in there and I’m going to shut this thing down and put the torches away and I like to do that to allow the kiln cool down slowly. So we made it far, mould is cooling off; had to cover it with a crucible so it doesn’t pop and we go ahead and let it cool off and then once it gets cooled off I’ll dump it on there, will hammer on it and we’ll see how it will come out.

Been a while I guess fifteen minutes or so. Things have been cooling off to see how we did and we’ll pull the crucible off. See what I mean about that glass cracking and spilling off of there; that’s what happens especially with conical shaped mould. I’ll take that out of there and will dump this out. Oh that wasn’t very hard. Wow that’s pretty good size. Let me find something to pound on that a little bit; I’ll tap this off a little. Turned up pretty nice. Not too bad, let’s stick it on the scale and see how we do. We put sixty grams of ore in there, 60 grams of concentrate and sixty grams of flux and so now we’ll throw that on there. Twenty nine point five grams so it looks like we did pretty good. Looks like our concentrate run of about fifty per cent silver; that it’s pretty good. Anyhow KK6 and canon crusher and gravity concentrator can be done.

Propane Gas Kiln Size

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 x 8 x 8 in

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