12″ Gold Ore Smelting Kit Furnace

12″ Gold Ore Smelting Kit Furnace


This propane fired furnace can smelt ore concentrates, fire assay, melt pure metals, old scrap jewelry.

Included in your home Gold Ore Smelting Kit KK12 :

  • will be a custom USA built precision machined
  • bi-metal brass tipped Propane Burner,
  • 6′ Hose with 30 psi regulator and needle valve,
  • Olympic Analog Pyrometer
  • Kiln liner maintenance kit.
  • A5 clay of a 15 lbs capacity (brass) (900 cc)
    or 17 kilos of gold if filled to the rim.
  • Alumina Silica Refractory interior rated for up to 2300° F.

The KK-12 is constructed of a stainless steel tension adjustable jacket, surrounding alumina silicate refractory insulation that comprises the interior of the kiln. The refractory insulation has an operating temperature rating of 2300° F. We offer the only sectional kiln that allows for easy removal of the crucible before pouring. The liner of the kiln is constructed in a layered and stacked configuration and is less susceptible to cracking from thermal expansion and contraction, as each layer can expand or contract separately. Another feature of the layered and modular design is that individual sections of the kiln liner can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole liner, in the event of a serious spill or boil over of the crucible. Of course, instruction Manual included.usa manufacturer

Deluxe Gold Smelting Furnace

The Deluxe KK-12 Kit will include:
An A5 clay graphite Salamander crucible and 10 pounds of our premium black gold flux – or – white flux for silver or copper.

Shipping box will be 20″ x 15″ x 15″ and weight will be around 38  pounds or 43 lbs deluxe.



gold smelting furnace capacity

As soon as the crucible has reached the specified pre-heat temperature, charge and melt immediately. Charge light scrap and returns first in order to form a cushion for heavier material. Use tongs to charge ingots and place large pieces and ingots vertically allowing space for expansion. Only add
flux once the metal is molten.

A new crucible should be pre-heated empty in order to minimise the temperature gradient across the crucible wall. If the furnace refractories have been repaired or if there is a risk of the crucible having absorbed some moisture, then the furnace should initially be heated slowly up to circa
200ºC and held at this temperature until all moisture has been driven off

Deluxe Gold Smelting Furnace

gold smelting furnace (2) gold smelting furnace (1)
home gold refinery

gold smelting furnace (1)

gold smelting furnace (2)




A new crucible should initially be heated slowly and evenly to 600ºC on low power, avoiding local impingement of flame. Subsequently the full heat input rate should be utilised to achieve a uniform bright red condition over the whole crucible (circa 900ºC / 1650ºF) at which point the crucible
should be charged immediately taking care to avoid packing metal tightly or bridging ingots across the crucible. The furnace controls can then be set to achieve the desired metal operating temperature and heating should continue at the full rate until the metal has reached the desired temperature.
In the case of crucibles to be fed with molten metal, it is important that the crucible body temperature is equivalent to or slightly above that of the molten metal in order to minimise thermal stress.

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