Small Metal Melting Furnace: Beginner Kit

Small Metal Melting Furnace: Beginner Kit


Portable propane fired Metal Melting Kiln designed to melt precious metals with speed and ease. Melt 1 to 6 oz of fine placer gold (1 to 3 oz silver).

The Melting Furnace KKiln has a straight/vertical chamber and is a bit taller. The mini graphite crucibles are custom made for the kwik kiln. Other sizes will not fit properly.

The GPK Kwik Kiln is designed to be heated with 2 pencil tip PROPANE torches simultaneously. Mag-Torch MT-200 pencil tip torches are highly recommended by our designer, for being more stable. They are an ‘all position’ torch and work well with the propane bottle on its side, are all brass and are made in the USA.usa manufacturer

Please note: We cannot warranty any GPK Kwik Kiln heated too high, improperly, or in a manner that goes against their design. This includes using other types of torches, or using Mapp gas, which gives off more heat. We recommend using propane only.


Deluxe Hybrid Kwik Kiln Kit includes:

  • Refractory Kiln
  • Spacer
  • (2) mini graphite crucibles
  • (1) graphite 2 oz gold (1 oz silver) loaf mold
  • 6″ scissor tongs
  • 3 oz melting flux
  • Melting Instructions

Propane bottles not included.

Please note: This mini kiln is not recommended for smelting ore concentrates, due to the limited capacity for both cons and refining flux 1 to 3 ratios.

Size: 4″ OD x 4″ tall.

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