Laboratory Riffle Splitter

Laboratory Riffle Splitter


The Laboratory Riffle Sample Splitter is a simple, inexpensive unit with no moving parts to break or wear out and the advantages of the design of this unit are easily apparent over others of similar pattern. Division channels perform splitting and a final separation of the channel discharges into two representative parts is accomplished by having every other division channel deliver into the same receptacle. The division channels are steep enough to prevent clogging and are quickly and thoroughly cleaned.china manufacturer

This unit is substantially constructed and is the handiest, most convenient, and most accurate sample splitter yet devised for hand operation. The hopper is set in a rigid, four-legged support, and additional equipment consists of a scoop, four sampling pans, and a cleaning brush. Let us make recommendations for the best size and type sampling equipment for use in your particular laboratory.



low cost sample-riffle-splitter

Stainless steel construction



sealed riffle sample splitter (1)sealed riffle sample splitter (3)
laboratory sample divider

$500 with drawers

small particle sample splitterA riffle splitter with a hopper a feed gate at the bottom of the hopper is called a precision splitter. By eliminating the potential bias resulting from differing pouring motions, a increased accuracy of up to 1% is achieved.

This simple sample riffle is made of stainless steel.

  • 14 slot of  13 mm in width

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