Ring & Puck Sample Pulveriser 250cc


canada manufacturerThe 911MPESTLX Pulveriser has a manual self-adjusting clamp to maintain sealing pressure to prevent sample loss during grinding and the rugged stainless steel frame has been lab-rated, primed and painted with a full enclosure cabinet including sound dampening lining.

The lift up door is made of lightweight aluminium and the heavy-duty long lasting motor has been proven by years of service. It weighs 217 kg and comes in 3 phase/60 cycle, 1 HP motor as standard.

1 phase and / or 50 cycle motor available.

These options need to be specified at time of ordering. The panel with electronic timer can be mounted on either side.

Accessories include a triple head adaptor plate, which modifies the machine to allow you to grind 3 separate samples of 10-50 grams simultaneously.



Ring & Puck Sample Pulveriser Dimensions

ring_millring & puck sample pulveriser (1)

Ring & Puck Sample Pulverizer Accessoriesring_&_puck_sample_pulveriser

Grinding Barrels Steel Composition Options

G-2-250ML Grinding Barrel 250mL, alloy-2, Complete
G-1-250ML Grinding Barrel 250mL, alloy-1, Complete
GCS-250ML Grinding Barrel 250mL, carbon steel, case hardened, Complete

G-2-150ML Grinding Barrel 150mL, alloy-2, Complete
G-1-150ML Grinding Barrel 150mL, alloy-1, Complete
G-2-100ML Grinding Barrel 100mL, alloy-2, Complete
G-1-100ML Grinding Barrel 100mL, alloy-1, Complete
GCS-100ML Grinding Barrel 100mL, carbon steel, case hardened, Complete

ring & puck lab sample pulveriser

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