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Preparation of Silver Nitrate Solution (7 replies and 2 comments)

Maya Rothman
12 months ago
Maya Rothman 12 months ago

Please, how can one prepare say a 0.1 Molar Silver Nitrate Solution to be used in the titration of Cyanide. Please back it with reactions and or calculations if there are any. Thanks.

Alan Carter
12 months ago
Alan Carter 12 months ago


The Preparation recipe of Silver Nitrate Solution goes as follow:

* g AgNO3/1 H2O desionizada...
1 ml consumido de AgNO3 = 10 ppm NaCN
16.9874 Silver Nitrate AR in 1000ml distilled water.
Test water for chlorides first.

Bob Mathias
12 months ago
Bob Mathias 12 months ago

Must be stored in a dark bottle otherwise it goes off quickly. Decomposes with light. Make up fresh solutions regularly. First determine the Molar mass for Silver Nitrate which is 169.874 g/mol, and then calculate the mass of Silver Nitrate which must added into the Volumetric flask using the following formula
C =m/MV
: m = CMV
: m = (0.1M)(169.87 g/mol)(1L) (That's if you are using a 1 Litre volumetric flask) : = 16.987 g/L

Bill Fraser
12 months ago
Bill Fraser 12 months ago

In addition to the above and FYI: AgNO3 + 2NaCN = NaAg(CN)2 + NaNO3

Assume 50-ml sample aliquot for titration & 1-mL 0.1M AgNO3 requirement:
From eqn: 1000 mL M AgNO3 = 2*49-g NaCN
Or 1-mL 0.1M AgNO3 = 0.0098-g NaCN
In 50-mL aliquot = 196-mg/L NaCN or 104-mg/L free CN

Paul Morrow
12 months ago
Paul Morrow 12 months ago

if you need to measure the amount of cyanide in a solution is more easy if use a solution with 0.4333 grs of AgNO3 in 1L distilled water, this is equivalent to 10 ppm of CN

Bill Fraser
12 months ago

Paul, 10-ppm NaCN (NOT FREE CN) in a 25-mL sample aliquot...5.3-ppm Free CN!

Paul Morrow
12 months ago


Tony Verdeschi
12 months ago
Tony Verdeschi 12 months ago

The actual concentration of Silver Nitrate we use for NaCN titration is 0.0102M ie. you've to take 1.733g AgNO3/H20 Litre but if you want to prepare 0.10M of AgNO3 then you need to take 16.9901g AgNO3/H2O Litre.

12 months ago
David 12 months ago
11 months ago
David 11 months ago

The use of 0.1 M AgNO3 solution is not needed. Page 33 from Dorr's Cyanidation & Concentration of Au & Ag Ores

Standard silver nitrate solution is 4.33 gm of AgNO3 in 1 liter of distilled water. The reaction is AgNO3 + 2NaCN = NaAg(CN)2 + NaNO3. One mole of AgNO3 (169.9 gm) reacts with 2 moles NaCN (98 gm) or 4.33 gm AgNO3 reacts with 2.5 gm NaCN.

Thus a 25 ml sample of solution for titration will require 1 ml of AgNO3 solution per 10 ppm of NaCN contained in the 25 ml sample.



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