Long Sluice Box

Long Sluice Box

This Oscillating gold highbanker sluice box is perfect for fine gold recovery in small operation. With a capability of processing up to 4 TPH, the 911MPE2MS takes high banking to the next level in time and recovery. It is dressed like a highbanker but works as a wash plant / Oscillating  sluicebox hybrid for fine gold recovery.usa manufacturer

The highbanker is really an oscillating sluicebox. It has a miner’s moss carpet and riffles. This 3-deck sluice has its top feed deck oscillating motion pushes the material forward as it flows.

The gold containing material flows across the first 20″ wide X 5′ long deck (15 feet LONG in total), over the riffles and carpet. This is where the sluicebox will capture coarse gold, gold nuggets or any “big” precious metal. At the end of the 1st sluicebox’s deck, the material (the primary sluice tailings) flows over a 12 mesh screen and makes a sharp turn to start flowing over a static sluice pan with a really fine miner’s moss carpet and smaller riffles.1-year-warranty

The tailings from the 2nd sluice deck turns and flows over the 3rd and last bottom deck of this high fine gold recovery system. This bottom gold sluice is oscillating and moving backward to the flow motion. These mechanics will walk material forward even if dry. The material flows through the riffles, hits the sluice mat, and forced or shaken back up under the riffles. Between the mechanical motion and the vortex created by the riffles, fine gold recovery is improved over standard ‘non-motion’ gold sluicing.

The back-and-forward motion of the bottom sluice is such that every forward stroke of the sluicebox (in the same direction as the water flow), slows and nearly stops the water flow (relative to the sluicemat) just ever so little that it allows more fine gold to fall on to the flour gold filled sluice box mat.

It is electric powered by the same 1/4 HP motor as the RP4 gold shaker table of 115/230 Volts at 50/60 Hz.

The 911MPE2MS will reclaim old mercury gold mining tailings and “clean the environment” by recovering both the mercury and the gold left from old poorly operated mining residues.

The 911MPE2MS is ultra portable to fresh and new or any mining site.
The classic gold highbanker is a contraption that allows you to work on the banks of a creek or river, rather than in the stream. Where dredges have pontoons and float a sluice that they feed with suction, a highbanker usually works with the pump down at the water, delivering suction to a hole to pull material up to a two-decked sluice. Many times you’ll be required to get a permit to run a highbanker, but you can move a lot of material so it might be worth it.

long high_capacity_sluice_box for sale

The term highbanker originally applied to a sluice box that was not attached to a dredge but still used pumped water to wash gravels. The idea was to be able to work high banks and benches, as long as you had a hose long enough to stretch to the water source. The term seems to be used less today, in favor of the term power-sluice, so be aware. Either way, you do not need a dredge permit, but many states still require paperwork; today there are numerous restrictions on working in stream banks too. Still, since these devices do not rely on deep water and suction, you can set them up in the shade and bring up buckets of pay dirt to work through quickly and build nice concentrates with ease. The device seen in the photo is extremely efficient and will process a lot of material in a day if you have the right crew.

sluice box design for fine gold highbanker

gold sluicebox

sluice box design for fine goldfine gold recovery sluices fine gold recovery sluice

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