Refractory Minerals in Canada

Refractory Minerals in Canada

Canada is a producer of natural refractory minerals, electrofused minerals, and synthetic refractory minerals. Several deposits also have good potential for development.

During the past two years three new graphite mines have been developed. The mines produce flake type graphite and they have a combined production capacity of about 55,000-60,000 t/y of concentrates that grade in some cases, up to 96% graphite. Two mines are located in Quebec, and one in Ontario.

Minor refractory minerals produced in Canada include dolomitic magnesite, fireclay, diatomite, pyrophyllite, and silica sand and powder.

In Quebec, three new refractory products derived from the mining of chrysotile asbestos in the Thetford Mines region, have been developed and commercialized in recent years.

Consumers of fused minerals in Japan, and countries of Asia where electricity is expensive, could import their fused minerals from plants located in Washington or British Columbia; or consumers in the Great Lakes region of the United States could be supplied from plants in Manitoba, Quebec or Ontario; and Quebec could supply countries of Europe such as Italy, Belgium, Austria or Spain where electricity is most expensive.

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