Rolled Steel Roll Shells Manufacturing

Without going into an elaborate history of the subject, the following may be mentioned treating on the evolution of roll shells. During the early days of mining-machinery construction, cast iron was used for practically all such grinding devices as those under consideration, usually some good mixture of gray iron being the most suitable for wearing … Read more

Roll Crushers

The art of crushing ores and other materials by means of rolls is a comparatively recent one. While the first record of rolls using iron crushing-surfaces dates back to the year 1806, when they were employed in Cornwall, their principal development has taken place during the past 130 years. To Stephen R. Krom belongs the … Read more

Reverberatory Smelting

In reverberatory smelting, fuel is the chief item of expense, as it commonly is in processes using large percentages of it. Hence the most suitable supply is eagerly sought; that is, the supply which, in the end, yields the greatest net profit. The better grades are not infrequently bought, even at an advanced price, because … Read more

Mine Shaft Sinking Method

The following is not offered as an extended paper on the subject of shaft sinking, but more as a description of the present practice of shaft sinking in the Butte district. The Anaconda company is sinking at present the following shafts: Badger State, Moose, Mountain Consolidated, Mountain View, Pennsylvania and Tropic. At the High Ore and … Read more

Mine Bulkheads – Design, Construction & Cost

While the installation of mine bulkheads to retain water under high pressure is by no means a rarity, the following points which arose in the designing and placing of two of these bulkheads may be of interest: The Hibernia magnetite mine, located about 40 miles west of New York, in the State of New Jersey, … Read more

Manganese Steel Allotropic Theory

Any contribution on manganese steel by its discoverer necessarily carries with it much weight and is entitled to serious and close consideration. The momentous discovery of that alloy by Sir Robert Hadfield some 30 years ago was the signal for great activity in the field of alloy steels; and the remarkable results obtained in the … Read more

Conical Ball Mills VS Chilean Pan Mills

In view of the prominence which the conical mill has attained in the fine-crushing field within the few years since its introduction, the following comparison with its more mature forerunner, the Chilean mill, based on extensive tests, is submitted in the interest of the milling profession. Soon after designing the concentrating plant, the conical Ball mill … Read more

Hardinge Conical Mill – Grinding Efficiency Compared

Nearly every mining and metallurgical engineer will recall his early experience and method of producing step- or stage- reduction in preparing ore-samples for assay, in which he employed idea, step- or stage-reduction simply because it was a self-evident fact that it would be easier to break coarse ore with a hammer than it would be … Read more

Placer Gold Mining in Colombia

In giving my opinion of the importance of Colombia as a field for investment for those interested in mining for the precious metals, I must begin by quoting Sir Clement Markham, who, in one of his presidential addresses to the Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain, called the attention of its members to the fact … Read more

How to Generate Steam Energy from Furnace Waste Heat

Technical progress takes place in two directions: the improvement of methods, affecting the quality of the product; and increase in the economy of operations, affecting its cost. In the iron-industry, practice is pretty well settled, and revolutionary changes of method are, for the present, not to be expected. Hence, in this industry, the principal endeavor … Read more