Oxided Copper Ore Leaching

The principal characteristics of the process is that when applied in medium or in great degree, it only needs unelaborated raw materials such as sodium chloride and calcium carbonate, or of medium elaboration, as sulphur which is found in large quantity in the North of Chili however, the system may be also applied to small … Read more

Control of Flotation Recovery using Regression Analysis

The concentrator of Bonneville Ltd. at Wendover, Utah, processes a feed obtained by solar evaporation of a brine containing sodium and potassium chlorides with minor amounts of impurities. Salable potassium chloride concentrate is produced from this feed in two steps: flotation with amine reagents to concentrate the potassium chloride, and washing of the concentrate with … Read more

Comminution in Brittle Solids Resulting from Hypervelocity Impacts

Comminution is an old art. Unfortunately the analysis of the unit operations has been handicapped by the lack of both theoretical and experimental information. Two types of information are needed, one an understanding of what happens when a particle breaks in a brittle manner; and two, an understanding of what happens when the daughter fragments … Read more

Crushing and Grinding Circuit Automation

Most modern crushing and grinding facilities are automated to some degree. Some, of course, have a very minimum of automatic control whereas others utilize very complex control equipment. However, with very few exceptions, there has not been a new basic control philosophy applied in this field in the past seven years. The philosophy has been … Read more