Acid Mine Drainage Control Methods

In past years, water drainage control in coal mines has been primarily directed on the basis of water quantity rather than quality. Due to the recent intense interest in total ecology and environment, emphasis has shifted to the point where the water exiting from a mining operation may be of better quality than when it … Read more

Accident Prediction Techniques

The secret to accident prediction is to utilize the tendency for history to repeat itself. The same circumstances and the same human behavior that produced accidents in the past tend to produce accidents in the present and the future. The ability to predict accident occurrence in the future by projecting from the past is a … Read more

Underground Storage of Mine Wastes

In 1960 the management of International Salt Company made the decision that all waste material from the Watkins Glen plant would be stored in underground salt cavities. The cavities which they contemplated using had been depleted of salt to a point where continued operation would have impaired their structural stability. Originally, the waste to be … Read more