Calcium Montmorillonite Flocculation

The flocculation process involving fine particles and organic polymers can be depicted by the following sequence: adsorption of the polymeric species on particles, conformational changes in the adsorbed polymer molecules, and collisions between particles to form flocs through bridging. Flocculation is the result of mixing the polymer with the particle slurry in some device, e.g., … Read more

Optimum Carbon Loading CIP Circuit

Figure 1 simplifies a CIP circuit, implied are the transfer and screening mechanisms. Gold/silver are dissolved, activated charcoal (carbon) is moved countercurrently to the flow of ore adsorbing gold/silver. The charcoal is removed from the circuit, stripped of its metal content, regenerated and then returned to the circuit to continue the cycle. The amount of … Read more

Smectite Ceramics

Smectite is the name for a group of sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, lithium aluminun silicates which include the minerals sodium montmorillorite, calcium montmorillonite, saponite, nontronite, and hectorite. The rock in which these smectite minerals are usually dominant is bentonite. The theoretical formula without considering lattice substitutions is (OH4Al4Si8O20 · N H2O (interlayer), and the theoretical composition … Read more

Diatomite Deposit Formation

Worldwide, diatomites occur within Tertiary to Recent lacustrine and marine sediment facies (see Table 1). Geologically, the oldest marine and lacustrine diatoms predate the effusive blooms of the post Oligocene depositional period, and are respectively found within Cretaceous and late Eocene sediments. In the U.S., marine species are found in rocks as old as the … Read more

Dredge Mining

The dredge selected for the project was the Para. It is purportedly the largest discountable dredge in the world. Two weeks after its arrival at the project site by rail, the Para was ready to operate. The Para has a 0.75 m (29½ inch) suction and a 0.70 m (27½ inch) discharge. It has 600 … Read more

Thickener Performance Optimization

The results of this study can be shown as counter plots. Due to the variety of experimental runs and generation of numerous plots it would be beyond the limits of this paper to discuss all of the cases. Therefore, the discussion will be based on the plots given in Ghalambor (1980), and only a few … Read more

Install Jig in Grinding Circuit to Recover Gold

The project consisted of installing one jig and one belt strake on each of the four grinding sections. A portion of the circulating load in the ball mill circuit is pumped to the jig. The jig is placed over the top of the belt strake. The concentrate from the jig flows onto the belt strake. … Read more

CIL Tailings Gold Flotation

A preliminary series of laboratory flotation tests was performed to determine the nature of the unleached gold values of the CIL tailings. The gold in the Mercur mining district has been identified historically as being associated with sulfide and carbonaceous minerals in addition to a percentage occurring as free gold. Test results indicated that higher … Read more

GORE-TEX membrane filter cloth

GORE-TEX membrane filter cloths for liquid filtration consist of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes bonded to a variety of felts and other fabrics (including fabric woven of PTFE fiber). The PTFE membrane/PTFE fabric filter cloth is inert to practically all chemicals and can be used at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) . These materials combine the … Read more

Countercurrent Tower Process Gold Leaching

The Kamyr countercurrent tower leach process consists of a true countercurrent leach with a flocculated ore and fibre mixture entering the top of the tower and a cyanide solution or alternative lixiviant as well as a barren wash solution entering the bottom of the tower. The Kamyr countercurrent tower leaching system has been developed for … Read more