Secondary Blasting

The Henderson Mine is a large underground panel cave molybdenum mine located near Empire, Colorado. Secondary blasting requirements have varied from one shot per 27 tonnes (30 tons) to one shot per 900 tonnes (1,000 tons) of ore. Geology, structure, cave abutment loads, and location of the ore in the column all affect the amount … Read more

Simulation to Aid Process Design and Plant Optimization

The Kori Kollo Project is located in Bolivia, approximately 220 km south of La Paz, and 40 km northwest of Oruro. It is owned and operated by Empresa Minera Inti Raymi S.A. (IRSA), an 85% owned subsidiary of Battle Mountain Gold Company. Following a feasibility study and preliminary engineering by others, Minproc was awarded a … Read more

Flotation of Silver Bearing Minerals from Sulfide Ores

Silver is an economically important component of many complex, massive sulfide ores, and often is produced as a byproduct during recovery of base metals from sulfide deposits. About two-thirds of the world’s silver resources are contained in base-metal sulfide deposits (Reese, 1991). These ores are beneficiated almost exclusively by flotation. Silver recovery during flotation, however, … Read more

On Line Coarse Particle Size Measurement Analysis

The most serious problem for on-line coarse particle size measurement from a conveyor belt by image analysis is the overlap phenomenon that occurs between adjacent particles. In order to achieve image separation, three methods have been considered for the analysis of projected particle images obtained from overlapped onyx stone and copper ore particle beds of particle … Read more

Medium Circuit Design and Control for Multi-Density Dense Medium Separation Plants

The two-density separation by dense medium cyclones was generally performed using two dense medium plants in sequence. In contrast to the former technology, the multi-density separation can now be performed by using a single medium circuit composed of different interconnected medium sumps. The sumps, one for each density, are fed with different medium streams selected … Read more

Paste Backfills Types

The basic rule for a material to have paste fill flow properties is that it has at least 15 wt% of its particles finer than 20 microns. This generally ensures that the material has the required colloidal properties and is not self draining. What this means is that the material, when mixed with sufficient water … Read more

Gold Redox ORP Probes used in Flotation Circuit

Three gold sensing electrodes were made from 3 mm gold rod. The rod was cut with a diamond wafering saw into 3 mm lengths, soldered to insulated copper wire, placed inside 9 cm lengths of 1 cm (outside diameter) Plexiglas tubing, and cast inside the tubing with epoxy. After the epoxy was set, the gold … Read more

Shaft Sinking and Ramp Excavation

Mine planners and engineers are often faced with the decision of choosing which method of underground access is best suited for their particular requirement. Underground access can be provided by a shaft, ramp, adit, or slope for either exploration and/or actual production operations. The selection of the type of opening required to explore a new … Read more

Titanium Mineralogy

The study of minero-petrographical characteristics and the subsequent textural and structural characterization of an ore mineral represents the first step of each industrial processing whose aim is the beneficiation of each valuable mineral phase present inside the ore. Analytical, mineralogical and petrographical, chemical and multispectral image analyses based investigations, applied to eclogitic ore samples deriving … Read more

Flocculation & Zeta Potential Measurements

Chemicals: Reagent grade H2SO4 and KOH were used for pH adjustment. Aluminum sulfate was used for coagulation and zeta potential studies. Percol 368 a solid grade highly cation flocculant by Allied Colloids Inc. was used for flocculation and zeta potential measurements. Methods: Zeta potential measurements of the slurry as received and/or after treatment with different … Read more