Remove Micronized Magnetite from Coal

The micronized-magnetite coal cleaning technology is based on widely used conventional dense-medium cyclone applications, in that it utilizes a finely ground magnetite/water suspension as a separating medium for cleaning fine coal, by density, in a cyclone. However, the micronized-magnetite cleaning technology differs from conventional systems in several ways: It utilizes significantly finer magnetite (about 5 … Read more

Selecting Centrifugal Slurry Pump Based

Making a sketch of the pump system, including dimensions, is very helpful in determining the static heads, friction heads, etc. After determining the top size of the solids and solid size distribution by the results of a screen analysis of the material, we can select the materials to be used in the construction of the pump. … Read more

Gold Extraction in Carbonaceous Ore using Thiosulfate

The U. S. Bureau of Mines has been investigating the application of thiosulfate to recover gold directly from low grade refractory carbonaceous ores for the past four years. Statistical experimental methods were used to determine the effects of various leaching parameters on both gold extraction and thiosulfate consumption. Seven variables were investigated, including thiosulfate, copper, … Read more