Ball Mill Scale-up Method

Ball Mill Scale-up by this method is known as collision energy based population balance model. The appropriateness of this model is shown for 38-cm ball mill. Comminution in ball mills account for a significant amount of power consumption in mineral processing plants. Therefore, accurate modeling of the process is extremely important to optimize the power … Read more

Copper Activation Sphalerite & Xanthate

Copper Activation Sphalerite & Xanthate: Unlike most other sulfide minerals, sphalerite responds poorly to short-chain thiol collectors. The problem is attributed to the high solubility of zinc-thiol compounds in water. Also, due to its large band gap (3.7 eV), sphalerite is a poor catalyst for mixed potential reactions between xanthate and oxygen. The reactivity of … Read more

Rock Cutting Equipment

Mechanical excavators were introduced for soft rock cutting at the time of the industrial revolution. The early machines date back to mid 1800’s and were developed for rapid excavation of tunnels and to increase production in the mining environment. The early radial or drag type tools were very primitive and made of hardened steel and … Read more

Effect of Grinding Media on Flotation Chemistry

The flotation behaviors of pyrite and pyrrhotite in a Hallimond tube were correlated with the galvanic role they developed in two- and three-electrode combinations with mild steel under non-abrasive conditions. These correlations substantiated the hypothesis that a coating of iron hydroxides, originating from galvanic interactions, lowered the flotation responses of sulfide minerals. However, interactions between … Read more

Evaluate Spiral Concentrator Circuit Performance

Circuit analysis can be used to evaluate the overall effectiveness of various configurations of unit operations in mineral and coal processing circuits. This powerful tool, has regretfully seen only limited application in the analysis of coal processing circuits. Strictly speaking, this method can only be applied if particle-particle interactions do not influence the probability that … Read more

Desliming Cyclones

Analysis of the feed to several plants revealed that the material finer than 44 µm (325 mesh) and even 70 µm (200 mesh) was usually very high in ash content (>30 %) with a considerable amount of superfine size clays. Due to the high ash content and the poor dewatering ability of the minus 44 … Read more

SAG Mill Expert System Grinding Circuit

The original process control interface consisted of a series of stand alone 4-20 ma controllers requiring the operators to dial in set points for the numerous processing parameters. In many cases these controls were set to their manual mode of operation with the operators making all the dynamic process changes. This procedure was very time … Read more

Inline Pressure Jig

Figure 1. Flow of material through Inline Pressure Jig. The feed is introduced through the feed pipe and distributor 1. The feed slurry is turned around in the distributor and flows out into area 2. which is called deceleration chamber. Due to the large volume of the deceleration chamber the flow rate drops below a … Read more

Centrifugal Slurry Pump Wear

Over the last fifteen years numerical methods have been developed to enable the calculation of Centrifugal Slurry Pump Wear. The solids and slurries involved vary tremendously, and with the limitations of the calculating methods, total accuracy cannot be obtained. However, by calibrating the results with field data, the calculated data has proven to be quite … Read more

Pressure Filtration Theory

The pressure filtration of flocculated suspension was described as a compressional theology model far evaluation of filtration data. Others divided the filtration process into two stages as compact formation (stage 1) and compact consolidation (stage 2) stages. They developed a conventional engineering approach for analysis of stage 2. In this study, conventional filtration theory was … Read more