Manganese Steel Rails

Since the writer has been intimately connected with the development of manganese steel for many years, some remarks upon the early work with regard to the rolling and forging of this material might be of interest, and particularly as to the question of rails of special quality and of superior wearing qualities. In a paper … Read more

Casting Manganese Steel Liners for Mills or Crushers

When mixed with common cast steel in quantities ranging from 11 to 13½ per cent. and properly treated, manganese increases the ductility of the metal and adds greatly to its toughness and resistance to abrasive action, which properties comprise the distinctive characteristics that make manganese steel so valuable for many purposes at the present time. … Read more

Manganese Steel Allotropic Theory

Any contribution on manganese steel by its discoverer necessarily carries with it much weight and is entitled to serious and close consideration. The momentous discovery of that alloy by Sir Robert Hadfield some 30 years ago was the signal for great activity in the field of alloy steels; and the remarkable results obtained in the … Read more